With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, advertising on the world wide web has been taken to a whole new level. For businesses which advertise through these sites, larger target groups are only a click away.

Facebook Business Page Benefits

Through business pages, various companies can create a personal relationship with their consumers and receive their feedback first hand from the people who are accessing it.

The first and one of the major criteria for creating a really good business page is that it should appeal to the visitors. It should be created in a way that people would want to visit the page and be coaxed into liking it.

The "like" option on the Facebook page is crucial for determining the popularity of the product and the consequent success of the company.

The page must be designed from the perspective of the user in order for it to attract visitors. The visitors must be automatically directed to liking the page, rather than landing up on the wall. This way you can receive more likes.

You cannot expect a visitor to like your brand without receiving anything in return. Companies often cook up innovative strategies through which an individual may receive promo codes, coupons, free samples and other such things in exchange for liking the page.

Other methods include interesting contests, downloads, donations, exclusive content and the likes. Companies must creatively draw in customers in order to get an edge over the competition.

Facebook business pages are designed to attract consumers for both small and large businesses and some companies have utilised this device to its zenith. Companies like Starbucks and Red

Bull have some of the most innovative and eye-catching fan pages on Facebook. These have been designed to attract consumers and they do so in a brilliant way.
Windows officially has been churning out two versions of its operating systems since the time of Vista; the 64-Bit and the 32-Bit version. Although the two may look deadly similar to a common man's eyes, there exist some inherent differences that make both suit different procession needs and cater to a varied clientele.

Windows 7 Bit System

Talking in the simplest terms, the difference in Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit lies in the data handling capability of the processors; the 64-bit version can take care of a larger amount of Random Access Memory when compared to its counterpart and that too more effectively.

The major kinds of differences that underlay both these systems that decide the buyer's choice are as follows.


The basic part as mentioned above is that 32-bit Windows 7 can handle only up to 3GB of RAM, which is very unlikely compared to the 64-bit version which has the ability to handle a whopping 192GB as Random Access Memory.

And talking of memory, with applications becoming more and more complex each passing minute, they are becoming largely memory hungry at the same time. As such it cannot be ignored that 3GB RAM would become obsolete, as the applications would demand more of capacity as a part of RAM to work efficiently.


Although the 32-bit version of Windows 7 is more or less enough to carry out most of the major operations of a general consumer. But talking of specialized applications, the releases come specifically to 64-bit or 32-bit systems.

The edge that 64-bit systems have over the 32-bit OS is that software and applications made for 32-bit OS can be run by the 64-bit OS as well (exceptions for some likes of anti-virus programs), but the reverse is not happening.

64-bit programs demand more and faster processing which is beyond the capability of 32-bit systems to handle.


As already said above the 64-bit programs demand more processing power, they also are able to deliver superior performance. As such the shift to 64-bit versions in case of software companies is quite visible now.

This is a clear indication that sooner or later the 32-bit systems would turn obsolete as would be able to handle upcoming programs on their platform.


One of the biggest drawbacks of having two separate versions is that the device drivers are not common. Separate drivers are released for both the versions and this not only makes the deal cumbersome but also limits to the list of devices one can plug into both of the versions. As such it is a necessity to check for the driver version before picking up a device out from the store.


Although most claims there are no major differences between the software architecture of Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit besides the processing power; Windows did do a few tweaks and fixes to its 64-bit version making it a step ahead of its 32-bit counterpart.

For instance, with inbuilt features like driver signature and Kernel Patch Protection, the 64-bit release of Windows 7 is considered to be somewhat more secure when it comes to the malware and rootkits on the table.

Thus it is worth an option to consider getting the 64-bit version upfront, at the same time it is not the very need of the hour as 32-bit releases of software are still coming and will do so for some time now.

Final Word; Windows 7 64-bit version is not only having an edge over the 32-bit release but with the higher capacity to handle data, the software makers are also tending to move towards the platform for better and superior software performance. As such it is not wrong to say, that the era of 64-bit processing to totally dominate the scene isn’t far away.
We live in an internet savvy world where we would love everything to be done online whether it is an evening chat with your friend or developing your college project with online software tools. In accordance with this scenario companies worldwide are continuously offering new solutions to users that allow them to accomplish many tasks online which were once considered to be almost impossible.

Webinar Is Best Tool For Modern Day Marketing

Web conferencing has evolved itself into numerous multipurpose avatars and one of the most widely used one among them today is webinars. But how many of you have heard of the term webinar? Do not get worried.

A webinar is simply a term coined by joining two very popular words i.e. Web and Seminar. So a webinar is, in fact, a web-based seminar.

One such solution is the evolution of web conferencing which allows real-time collaboration of individuals via audio and video transmission courtesy of the internet by making use of technologies like VOIP and so on. The participants of a web conference need not be in the same locality or for the fact not even on the same continent.

How does a Webinar Work?

It works on the same principle as that of web conferencing i.e. using technologies such as VOIP. Now it is assumed that all of you know what a seminar is. So a Webinar basically involves conducting online interactive sessions that will include workshops, presentations, lectures and many more such activities.

Webinar Vs Webcast

Webinars are different from webcasts even though a number of people will not agree to this fact. A webcast is more of like a one-side session wherein a person broadcasts the audio and video signals of his presentation to multiple users.

At the same time using the internet but there is no or limited scope for a two-way interaction like feedback and questionnaire sessions. It is more akin to our radio transmission wherein users have to listen to whatever is coming out of the radio without raising any questions.

What does a Webinar offer?

A webinar, on the other hand, is much more interactive and offers facilities that are normally handed over to the audiences during a live seminar in a real-time environment wherein the speaker and the listeners are in the same room.

A webinar empowers the audience to respond with queries or objections in conjunction with the speaker's presentation and depending on the software used for webinars there are options for a particular listener to either publish his opinion under his own name or as an anonymous user thereby providing security of his or her identity in matters relating to sensitive issues.

There are also webinars which facilitate events such as real-time polling or voting schemes to help sort out differences with a majority favours who strategy.

So, in fact, a webinar is best suited for events like debates, political discussions and events of such magnitude wherein the participants required for the event are scattered at remote locations and the only way they can communicate is through the web.
The importance of note-making and note-taking is very essential for students and for their studies. In education, making notes in the classroom will not only increase the writing speed but also make the doubts clear and gives huge benefits to students.

If you make notes in class, then you will definitely get benefit in academic examinations. Not only this, due to this habit, it will also help to pass any competitive exam in future. Actually, when making notes, our whole focus is to note down the important things.

Note Making And Note Taking

When the subject is revisited again, the dots become clear. Apart from this, the biggest advantage of making notes in class is that when the teacher presents a good example to explain a topic, then the difficult topic can be easily understood by noting such examples. So make a habit of making notes in class.

Information of notes is not available anywhere else. Any kind of information can be collected easily, but still, some problems such as language arise in the study of some information. In such a situation, if you have a habit of taking notes in class, then it will help to understand the content again.

Notes will remind you of classroom

When you revise the notes made in the classroom again, you also remember the atmosphere of the classroom. In such a situation, if you have forgotten to note something important, then those things can be recalled easily, as well as remembering the good things related to the classroom, the mood is also fresh.

Notes required for exam preparation

Classroom notes mean important points the teacher says. When using many examples during teaching, the answer will be effective. The advantage of this is that you will get good marks in the exam.

Notes will be cleared from doubts

If you find any topic difficult, then you can easily overcome your downtime by making a habit of taking notes in class. Many times it happens that when you take notes, your doubts also get cleared automatically. If there are any dots still, then you should clear with the help of a teacher at the same time so that there is no problem in understanding further.

This will make you a habit of writing

If you make notes in class, it will also speed up your writing speed, it will be an advantage that during the exam you will be able to write faster in the answer sheet. The speed of writing of students is very slow. Due to this, despite having sufficient time, they are not able to write the answers to all questions.

Writing, in short, is a better way to take notes in the classroom. Apart from this, only simple words should be used in the notes.

Attention increases with notes

When you start taking notes in class, you listen carefully to each word of what the teacher is saying. That is, if you want to make good notes, then take all your attention in class, as well listen to everything of the teacher carefully and note the important things in your notebook. This will help you understand whatever subject is being taught.

Notes are the means of information

In the brain, we cannot store all kinds of information together. So making notes is a very good alternative to information. For example, when we listen to someone's words, only a few things are remembered from them, while when we study it again by noting all the important things from the notes, then everything is remembered again.
It is stated that Blogging became very famous at some stage in the 90s. As increasingly demand multiplied in providing blogging platforms, Blogger and WordPress were born.

Blogger Vs Wordpress Which is Better

Blogger and WordPress are two blogging platforms utilized by many people these days. But nevertheless many have a confusion to select which one over the opposite for the reason that both has its own blessings and disadvantages.

The newbies regularly use Blogger and the experts use WordPress. So, right here is an assessment in element approximately blogger and Wordpress.


  1. You shouldn't be an expert in HTML or CSS to have a weblog using Blogger.
  2. It is absolutely free and has unlimited server facility which permits you to host every unmarried page at no additional cost.
  3. You can run it from the standard internet browser and also you don’t want to install anything.
  4. Very clean to use and has a miles less complicated navigation facility.
  5. Their new tools furnished then and there's of very much assist to their customers to personalize their contents on their respective blogs.


  1. WordPress has a desire between loose [www.Wordpress.Com] and paid model [www.Wordpress.Org]. The loose model wishes no separate WordPress hosting and domain but the top rate paid model has to be established in a separate website hosting provider website and need to possess a site too.
  2. The navigation and the interface are very clean to use and the consumer receives snug the use of it more and more.
  3. It affords a statistics device in element, which is considered to be an added advantage.
  4. It has the pleasant search engine marketing tools which might be more efficient than any other blogging platform and offers advanced and improved position within the search engine results.


  1. When in comparison in their customer service efficiency, WordPress gets the first vicinity with an extra variety of topics to help its users whereas Blogger has only some topics to help its users.
  2. Blogger can be without difficulty used and created by way of Google users. They can add Adsense to their money owed and earn some money too.
  3. WordPress gives extra templates to select from and has quite a few widgets too. It also allows adding more pages like those of a contact web page, about the web page and greater such.
  4. Both Blogger and WordPress provide to add a video.
  5. With all those evaluation stuff said, it is as much as the user to decide on the pleasant blogging platform to start their blog on the net because each Blogger and WordPress have their own capabilities and elements that might entice different human beings.
Another wonderful fish for the beginner or advanced keeper goldfish come in a large variety of shapes, colours and sizes. At times they may seem difficult to keep, but their care is fairly simple some difficulties owners have stem from overfeeding and under cleaning.

Cool Facts About Goldfish

The following guide is based on a bowl set up.

Goldfish Behaviour

  • Interactive with their tank friends
  • Always on the lookout for the next meal
  • Prefer cool water
  • Average life span 2+ years – record holder was 20+ years
  • Plan on 1 gallon per fish – however, based on their size, you may need to double or triple those guides.

Setting Up

  1. Rinse your bowl, gravel and accessories well. Do not use any type of cleaner including soap. If necessary, you can dissolve a handful of salt in warm water and use this to soak and scrub out the bowl if it housed another fish or is in need. It saves time to have a dedicated bucket, cup and other accessories to help with future cleanings.
  2. Consider using Aquarium Salt in your first water set-up to off-set stress-related reactions* - as a guideline, use ¼ - ½ tsp. aquarium salt per gallon of water. Dissolve the salt first in warm water, then add to conditioned water.
  3. Fill a clean, no soaped container with enough water to fill the bowl. Make sure the water isn’t too cold. Add water conditioner (a dechlorinator).
  4. Add gravel, plants etc., to your bowl and fill with the dechlorinated water.
  5. Allow the water to come to room temperature.
  6. Float your goldfish in its travel bag in the water for 10 minutes and release.
  7. Place your goldfish in an area that protects it from direct heat, sun or cold, but in an area where he/she can have interaction. They are social and curious.


  1. Feed your goldfish two times per day following the manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Feed slowly watching how much is consumed, if food is falling to the bottom before being eaten, then either slow down or stop. Overfeeding contributes to poor water quality and blockages.
  3. Goldfish food comes in pellets, flakes and crisps. If you have a tank that houses faster and slower moving goldfish, use a variety to keep the faster swimmers busy on the surface (pellets or crisps) this gives the slower swimmers (moors) more opportunity to find sinking flakes.


  1. Partial water changes are recommended at least once during the week as well as a full bowl change. Depending on your set-up, you should watch for the general water clarity and how your fish is behaving. Gasping at the surface is an indication of low oxygen and poor water quality.
  2. A partial water change means that your remove ¼ of the water from the bowl and replace it with fresh dechlorinated water that has come to room temperature before being added.
  3. A full bowl clean will mean following the same steps as a set-up. However, you’ll be removing your goldfish from the bowl using a net or a cup and placing it in a holding container. Remember to add a portion of the water your goldfish were kept in during cleaning. This water does have beneficial bacteria present that contribute to a healthy bowl.
  4. If you decide to continue with adding salt to the water, only add it during a full bowl clean.

Using an Aquarium Salt can support the immune response and prevent susceptibility to fungus, infections and keep your goldfish’s slime coat in good condition.

Some keepers use aquarium salts on a regular basis to raise and lower salinity levels for optimum immune support. Other keepers utilize aquarium salt on an "as-needed basis" as when transporting a new fish, or, for treating specific issues.
Leopard Geckos (eublepharis macularius) are native to regions of Pakistan, Northern India, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. An average adult’s length can range from 7-9 inches and they have a lifespan of up to 18 years.

Cool Facts About Leopard Geckos

General Information

All in-store leopard geckos are from captive born and bred sources.
Leopard Geckos continue to be one of the most popular geckos because of their easy care, docile nature and a wide variety of morphs available. Unlike other geckos, Leopard Geckos are able to open and close their eyes.

They are typically active during dusk and dawn hours but move about during the daytime too. Leopard Geckos do shed their skin and their tails are fragile so be careful when you hold them.

General Care


A 10-gallon aquarium with a vented lid is recommended for one Leopard Gecko. If you are housing two or more together, a 20-gallon aquarium is needed. Males will need to be housed separately.


Depending on the age and length of your gecko, use sand, reptile carpet or paper. If you use an under tank heating pad, be sure to have reptile carpet underneath your substrate (sand) to protect your geckos from lying on the heated glass.


Decorate aquarium with non-toxic plants, branches, logs, and cork. Include small hiding places for your gecko. Also, include dampened sphagnum moss in the hiding spot to help with shedding and keep them hydrated by misting with dechlorinated water 2-3 times per week (keep in mind relative humidity/time of year).


The temperature during the day should be kept around 80-82° F with a warm area 85-90° F. Night temperature can be as low as 70° F. Humidity levels should be kept low beside the hiding spot. Keep the hiding spot around 80° F.

We recommend an under tank heater for controlling the cage temperature as these nocturnal geckos do not typically bask under a heat lamp.


Leopard Geckos need 10-12 hours of light per day to regulate a day/night environment. Use a lamp timer to help keep you both on a regular schedule.

Since Leopard Geckos are nocturnal, they do not require UVB lighting. However, there are studies reporting on the benefits of low-level exposure to UVB.

Leopard Geckos in their natural habitat are exposed to UVB over short periods, however, since they absorb UVB at a higher rate than diurnal reptiles-providing UVB on a daily or short-term basis is not recommended. In short, no UVB required.

Regular household light bulbs can be used to boost heat and provide light - wattage is determined by the ambient room temperature where the gecko is housed. Reptile specific UVA light bulbs provide an extended-spectrum that allow reptiles to see more clearly in their environment.

Some hobbyists argue that since they are nocturnal, this is unnecessary, while others argue that their geckos are active during parts of the day and do benefit from the added UVA spectrum.

Food and Water

Provide clean, fresh chlorine-free water in a shallow bowl that cannot be tipped over. Feed your adult Leopard Gecko every two to three days. Juvenile Leopard Geckos will eat small crickets and mealworms daily.

The juveniles will eat medium-sized crickets, mealworms and wax worms. Adults will eat large crickets, wax worms, mealworms, and pinkie mice. Dust crickets lightly with vitamins and powdered calcium supplement every other feeding.

Juvenile leopard geckos should be lightly misted twice weekly to help them shed their skin.
Betta's are wonderful fish for the beginner or advanced keeper. Being hardy, interactive, forgiving and great companions are only a few of their positive attributes.

Siamese Fighting Fish Also Known As Betta


  • Social and interactive
  • Can jump out of their tanks
  • Sleep and rest on plants (and shock you!)
  • Males create surface bubbles to attract female egg layers
  • Surface breathers
  • Average Lifespan: 2-3 years
  • One betta per set-up. Betta’s are territorial – though female round tails can co-habitat community tanks.
  • When possible, it is best to have your tank or bowl set-up before bringing your new betta home.


  1. Rinse your tank/bowl, gravel and accessories well. Do not use any type of cleaner including soap. If necessary, you can dissolve aquarium salt in warm water and use this to soak and scrub out the tank or bowl. This is advised if the set-up was used by another betta fish.
  2. Consider using aquarium salt in your first water set-up to off-set stress-related reactions.
  3. Fill a container with enough water to fill the tank/bowl. Make sure the water isn’t too cold. Add water conditioner (a dechlorinator) and fill your tank/bowl.
  4. Allow the water to come to room temperature.
  5. Float your betta in its travel bag in the water for 10 minutes and release.
  6. Place your betta in an area that protects it from direct heat, sun or cold, but in an area where he/she can have interaction. They are social and curious.


  1. Feed your betta fish two times per day following the manufacturer's directions.
  2. Feed your betta by adding pellets one at a time and watching to see how many they are actively eating. Don’t over or underfeed. Generally, most betta fishes will eat an average of 4-8 pellets per day.


  1. Partial water changes are recommended every 5-7 days with a full water change every 10-14 days. This is also dependent on the tank/bowl that is used to house your betta fish. Partial water changes allow for reducing ammonia and nitrate wastes. Even though your water may look clean, it can have high levels of ammonia.
  2. A partial water change means that your remove ¼ of the water from the tank/bowl and replace it with fresh dechlorinated water that has come to room temperature before being added.
  3. A full tank/bowl clean will mean following the same steps as a set-up. However, you’ll be removing your betta fish from the tank/bowl using a net or a cup and placing it in a holding container. Remember to add a portion of the water your betta fish was kept in during cleaning. This water does have beneficial bacteria present in it that contributes to a healthy bowl/tank.


  1. As tropical fish, betta's do not respond well when their water temperatures are too cold. Keep them protected from drafts and cold temperatures by placing them in warmer areas. Consider a betta bowl pad heater during the colder winter months. Complications from cold can reduce their immune system and make them susceptible to fungus.
  2. Betta vacation food is available for absent feeding.

Using an aquarium salt can support the immune response and prevent susceptibility to fungus, infections and keep your betta's slime coat in good condition. Some keepers use aquarium salts on a regular basis to raise and lower salinity levels for optimum immune support.

Other keepers utilize aquarium salt on an "as-needed basis" as when transporting a new fish, or, for treating specific issues.
There are three main varieties of Guinea Pigs and all come in an assortment of colours and personalities. The Smooth Coated or English has short, fine and straight hair. An Abyssinian has a rougher coat with wiry rosettes or whorls resembling a bad hair day.

Guniea Pigs  Care And Feeding

Peruvian guinea pigs sport long, straight and silky hair. Wonderful if you are committed to extra grooming and brushing.

General Information

Guinea Pigs are easy to care for and fast become interactive members of their families. They have cheerful vocal squeaks, especially if its dinnertime. They are diurnal, require vitamin c supplements daily and live on average 5 years.

Extra-large cages are best for guinea pigs since they do running laps for exercise. Gentle and regular handling conditions them to be picked up and held. Keep them in an area where they can see what’s going on and conditioned to the noises and activities of your home they are happiest that way.

Being social, you may want to consider a companion. Littermates are usually a best match (opposite sexes) but some do accept other guinea pigs if they are at a young age. They may be housed together or prefer to have their own cage for sleeping and eating. Some owners create community run-out pens from separate cages.


Although Guinea Pigs may seem skittish, they are curious and quickly become used to regular household activities and pets. They are non-aggressive and respond to gentle supportive handling.


  1. Guinea Pigs are moderately larger and active. They require much larger habitats than those for hamsters or gerbils.
  2. Pick a plastic, metal or wire enclosure (not glass) that gives good ventilation. The top can be open (if at least 10 inches) and he/she is safe from other pets. Guinea Pigs don’t climb.
  3. Provide a hide for her/him to retreat to or sleep.
  4. Rotate or update chew toys for busywork.
  5. Provide a safe playpen with ramps, platforms and levels for curiosity play (no open wheels) and PVC tubing seems to be a favourite.
  6. The cage floor should be solid and bedding choices include aspen shavings or paper beddings. Pine is acceptable but cedar is to be avoided due to irritating oils and vapour.
  7. Place your guinea pig in cooler areas and away from direct sunlight and heat.


  1. Water sipper bottle (cleaned and rinsed regularly)
  2. Guinea pigs can be heavy drinkers, so check the water level every day
  3. Use heavier food bowls that won’t be knocked over easily.
  4. Provide Vitamin C fresh foods (since GP’s don’t produce Vit. C)
  5. o carrot tops, parsley, broccoli leaves, dandelion greens, collard greens, beet greens, kale, apple (seeds removed) orange slices, strawberries and more. Concentrate on greens and fruits as treats. No lettuce such as iceberg, rhubarb, nuts, potato, celery stalks, salty foods or sugared foods.

  6. Provide fresh portions of a pelleted diet and Timothy Hay daily (no Alfalfa since this is high in calcium) to aid digestion and teeth grinding.

  7. Introduce new foods in small quantities, especially when switching food brands.
  8. When young, introduce new foods slowly in small quantities so they don’t develop food aversions.


  1. Your guinea pig will likely use one area of the habitat to urinate in. You can spot clean and put fresh bedding in this area regularly.
  2. At least once a week (especially in summer) wash out the cage with hot soapy water, use diluted bleach if necessary and rinse well.
  3. Wash dishes and water bottles regularly.
  4. Monitor nails and clip when getting long.
  5. Provide chew toys, hides.


  • If your guinea pig is squirmy whilst you are holding her/him – it might be a bathroom break warning. The guinea pig will do anything not to urinate in public, so put her/him back in the cage for a few private minutes.
  • Take your guinea pig out of the cage head first and return them to the cage bottom first. This reduces wiggling and potential drops.
  • Guinea pig doesn’t survive most falls, so supervise smaller children and have them sit when holding her/him.
  • A male guinea pig can be neutered if needed. It’s a simple procedure.
Many of you are doesn't aware of Forex. Well, Forex is the foreign exchange market trades currencies (currency, forex). It let you buy and sell currencies to several banks and institutions.

Foreign Exchange Market Definition

I think you people have understood what buy and sell currencies mean? Buy and sell currencies signifies foreign exchange market, by selling or buying currencies it helps to international trade and investment.

A foreign exchange market helps businesses convert one currency to another.  For Example, you can do business to import any foreign goods in their own currency. Even you can do business and earn income.

In a typical foreign exchange transaction, a party purchases a quantity of one currency by paying a quantity of another currency.

With the help of Forex, currencies are traded against one another. Each pair of currencies thus constitutes an individual product and is traditionally noted.

Impact of Forex on an individual: The current foreign exchange rate will have an immediate impact on anyone who travels to another country for business. Based on the current rate of exchange, one may find that the travel funds will buy more or buy less in the way of goods and services.

Conclusion: Forex can be positive or negative for any given country and its citizens, depending on the circumstances. One important factor to note is that forex is in a constant state of flux, which means that if you are not happy with the rate of exchange today, you can anticipate some difference in the forex a month from now.