Jim Boeheim Speaks A Deadly Car Accident

Boeheim addressed Wednesday ’s deadly car accident on I-690 following Syracuse’s game against Duke. He said he felt a commitment to his players to coach. Jim Boeheim entered the Carrier Dome on Saturday to standing applause. One of solidarity in his first public appearance since his involvement in a deadly car accident on Wednesday that killed Jorge Jimenez. Boeheim raised a hand to accept the applause, but his head stayed down.

Jim Boeheim

Over the last three days, Boeheim said he talked to people who faced homogeneous circumstances to the one he endured on Wednesday. He reached out to the Jimenez family and gave his sympathy. He talked before the game with his friend Krzyzewski and addressed the Syracuse Orange at practice. He stared ahead, locked into the moment until he extends his friend Mike Krzyzewski and the two hugged. Coach K said it was the first time they did, even after multiple gold medals with Team USA.

“This is never going away,” Boeheim said. “Tuesday it’s not going to be any better. It’s not going to be any better next week. It’s not going to be better next month. It’s not going to be better next year.” Boeheim unfolds his post-game presser expressing his desolation that he was involved in Wednesday’s accident and for the “inconceivable” grief the Jimenez family is facing. He said it doesn’t matter how he feels, this is about the Jimenez family.

“I don’t think I can make anybody understand who hasn’t been there,” Boeheim said. None of it took away the feeling, one he said he could not narrate, and one that will stick with him for life. He felt he owed it to the players he enlists to return and coach them only three days after an accident he was involved in taking someone’s life. “It was such a sincere showing of emotion,” Coach K said. “It was really beautiful and I praise the Syracuse community and the fans for doing it in that way.”

Buddy Boeheim, watched the acclamation and got gooseflesh. Krzyzewski said he got caught in it too, clapping along with the fans for Boeheim. Everybody who spoke after the game said they were happy Boeheim returned to the team. “That’s what he does,” Coach K said. He thought Boeheim got to scrub up in the pre-game emotion too. “We hug and that was very emotional for me because I knew he was feeling this. He’s a tough guy and it’s all about his team and everybody, but this guy’s a hell of a guy.”

The Carrier Dome held a moment of silence for Jimenez, 51 of Syracuse, who died Wednesday night. A commendation was read in both English and Spanish before the game. Boeheim spoke for 10 minutes following the contest, largely addressing the support he received in his return to the Carrier Dome and his discussion with Krzyzewski, an emotional one that reminded him that life doesn’t always play out the way you want it to.

He breathed a deep sigh and paused for short time, in the midst of a difficult time. He requested game questions after his statement, but still talked about his feeling in a “difficult time for all of us.” The two locked into another battle. Boeheim plough into referees. Coach K adjusted late and won the game, then his mind turned back to his friend after the brief two hours of normalcy. Frank Howard said that normalcy basketball brightens up Boeheim and in turn the team.

“They needed me to try to do my job tonight,” Boeheim said. “They understand I did this feeling fully the weight of the tragic accident and its collision on the Jimenez family. This is something that will be with me for the dose of my life.”