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Mansa Musa Was Richest Person in History

The leading magazine "Money" has declared Mansa Musa as the richest person in history. He was born in 1280 and passed away in 1337. Their introduction is that they were obedient to Timbuktu.

Mansa Musa Was The King Of Mali Empire Was First Richest Man

Mansa Musa was a Muslim and so fierce heart. He ruled the Mali Empire during the period when he contains minerals and rich gold reserves. That was the time when gold demand in the whole world was at its height. His original name was Musa but after the throne, he was called Mansa, which means "King."

The wealth of Mansa Musa of Mali was too vast to be imagined. Today areas of Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, and Chad were part of the kingdom of Musa.

He built many mosques, some of which are still present. It is difficult to estimate the money of Mansa Musa today. Yet, according to an estimate, their wealth was equal to $430 billion. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has recently been ranked the richest man in the world whose wealth estimate is estimated at $106 billion, while he had more wealth than Jeff Bezos.

If inflation is not brought in for this, Elon Musk has the most wealth at this time. But if inflation is kept in mind, even Mansa Musa's wealth is more than any living or dead wealth. By comparing wealthy people, we find that the Rothschild family had a wealth of US $300 billion, while John D Rockefeller had a wealth of $340 billion.

The famous story of the Mansa Musa era is their Pilgrimage. This is an event of 1324. He also captured the attention of the Arab world when he left his home in the West African kingdom of Mali to make a Pilgrimage. On this journey, he had fixed a distance of 6500 kilometers.

His caravan consisted of 60000 people including 12000, who were their personal followers. He used to have a handful of 500 people who had a golden stick in the hands of the horse rider.

He was so fierce heart that when he passed through Egypt it is said that he gave so many donations to the poor that the area was inflated. Due to this journey of Mansa Musa, his story of wealth came to Europe, and European People came to see only how much money they had and what is being said to what extent the truth was.

When his property was confirmed, then the fate of the financial empire and its king was included in Catalan Atlas, which included all the places known at that time.

Rudolph Ware a professor of history at the University of Michigan in Money Magazine, says: It is a matter of the richest person in history, who has so much wealth to make it difficult for him, to think that he was very rich.

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