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What is China Belt and Road Forum?

Leaders of many countries, think tanks, and institutions head from all over the world are gathered in Beijing and they are talking about the China road and belt project. This is a time when the project is also criticized.

China belt and road forum

And it appears that the Chinese leadership is trying to overcome their international concerns through the Belt and Road Forum. We will review how China is removing these concerns from the ongoing session of this forum.

The belt and road initiative is also known as "One Belt and One Road", the century's biggest development plan from China, under which more than 66 countries are added on a commercial basis. According to the World Bank report, this project will match the world's third-party population, which includes at least one-third of the total domestic production.

President Xi Jinping announced the widespread plan in 2013, which is built at the ancient step of the ancient Silk. Its groundwater route has been named Silk Road Economic Belt, which leads to Europe by connecting China to various countries in Asia through different road and railway routes.

An important part of these rallies is China Economic Summit, which is worth the US $ 62 billion from Gwadar to Khunjerab. The second aspect of this is the "Maritime Silk Road", which runs across the globe, including Africa and South Asia, which adopts a naval route.

What is the purpose of the Belt and Road project?

What is included in the belt and road project and its purpose, many experts have tried to describe it in their own way. But at least it is agreed that these economic rallies include trade, transportation, energy, investment, cultural exchange, and other basic economic structures.

China's economy is currently the second-largest economy in the world after the United States, but if the power is to be bought by purchase, it is the largest.

The countries which are joining the China belt and road project, the majority of the developing countries, look at the project as an important opportunity for development in the local economy.

However, there are no such statistical figures in this regard to prove whether China's project has achieved the goals in the expectations of these countries or not, but in many other countries of the world, reservations are also found about the project. And it seems that the Chinese President has tried to remove his concerns in addressing the other belt and road forum in Beijing.

According to analyst Prof. Dr. Ejaz Hussain, this is a multi-purpose forum, aimed at convincing countries around the world to become a part of the Belt and Road project, besides the protection and promotion of the project.

The third objective and purpose of the project are to strengthen relations with the countries already added. The first belt and road forum were held in Beijing in 2017, which came from the United Nations Secretary-General, including heads of various countries.

The world's 122 countries and 49 global organizations are also part of this important forum. The main objective of the forum is that China's project should not only be promoted worldwide but also be included in it by adding it.

Therefore, a glimpse of Chinese attempts to remove other countries' reservations also appeared in the Chinese President's speech. Apart from this three-day Forum of Belt and Road 2019, there are 37 headquartered in Beijing besides the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahatir Muhammad, and Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

World Conservation and China Standards

Senior journalist Khaliq Kayani says, "Global powers are opposing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) globally, although the countries involved in it support it. And one reason for the opposition is to try to establish its influence on China's global level.

China's belt and road project is criticized to spread its political, economic, and military power, and developing countries will be under its debt. Due to this criticism, China has started using the name "Belt and Road" instead of "One Belt and One Road" for this project.

Debt Embassy

According to experts, the aim of the project is to create global trade contacts through various infrastructure projects involved in it. Therefore, in many countries, in the case of loans, trains, roads, and ports are being kept secret so that investment paths should be opened there.

The United States has been criticizing China's economic policies and plans, and this project also deals with 'short-term benefits and long-term dependence on China. The US also named the belt and road project based on the depreciation of loans or dirty diplomacy.

According to experts, many countries that are also part of this project are now working carefully, and Sri Lanka's example is given in this regard. Journalist Khaliq Kayani says Sri Lanka is suffering from this situation when it had control of one port in China in 2017 completely because Sri Lanka could not return external debt on time.

They say this opinion is found in some countries globally that 'China lays up, it raises its influence and then occupies their assets. As happened in the case of Sri Lanka and the US got the honey to accuse him of debt. That is why it depends on the member countries that they are taking on loan terms.

Prof. Dr. Ejaz Hussain says, he does not agree with the issue of dirty diplomacy. Because of fact, China's debt in Sri Lanka was less than two percent and more than ten percent of Europe's. Right now, this project is in the process of completion, and it will not be accurate for such a few years to come as long as its consequences are not brought.

Even Chinese debt in Pakistan is only two to three percent, if we run our economy properly, the loan can be backed by itself. For example, Malaysia did not borrow that which he thought he would not be able to return, and so on, Pakistan did not even sign the agreements which he was not satisfied with.

Experts believe that through this forum, the world community wants to assure that the belt and road is a comprehensive project and it can not be denied the possibility of showing flexibility regarding the return of the poor countries.

Although the Chinese president did not name the US or Europe in his address, he could get the impression of his country.

Belt and Road Forum Biological impact

Some countries also consider this project as an attempt to establish a geopolitical influence from China. This impression is also being tried in this forum. It is also argued that China can solve complicated geopolitical problems through money. China does not call it a Geo-Strategic plan, according to China, it is a part of these efforts, which aims to create a community in the world that is the future of all humanity.

President Xi Jinping also addressed the opening session of the forum that "Economic cooperation and free trade agreements are needed to achieve the common goal of peace and prosperity, while the Belt and Road Forum provides equal opportunities to all countries.

Between the concerns that China could not fulfill the claims of reforms, President Xi Jinping said China is crucial to its promises and responsibilities. He said that China is ready to import more agricultural products and services from overseas to establish a trade balance.

While China gives special attention to the implementation of two-way and multi-business and economic agreements with other parties.

India is not included in the forum

India did not participate in this forum, though the trade volume between India and China is particularly large. But according to experts, belt and road projects which would particularly strengthen China in the region will further strengthen the position of China on the water, and its flagship plan namely CPEC, are elements that have Indian reservations.

Apart from this, India is also keen on reaching China's markets on a priority basis and privileges. Professor. Dr. Ejaz Hussain says India has internal problems. India's trade volume with China has crossed $80 billion in annual years, but it is also China's largest share.

India wants some privilege in this matter and wants to take part in it. India wants its products and companies to reach Chinese markets. India is also facing the matter of Pakistan, besides China's strongness in South China waters and China's big power in South Asia also seems to be against its own interests.

To make a neighbor a beggar is not China's policy

As China belt and road forum meeting in Beijing talked about 'joint development' instead of more investments and focused on removing criticism and suspicions about the multi-billion dollar project. Chinese President in his speech said that China will not give up the value of the currency and will strengthen its stability and that China does not believe to make neighboring a beggar policy.

Many countries, including America, believe that China's economic package will only benefit China. While China has tried to reject this impression in this forum.

President Xi Jinping did not mention the "commercial war" with the US, which is a clear statement that this project is not just for China. He said "belt and road is not a discrimination club," it will not only benefit China's interest but all its partners because China believes in continuous consultation, harmony, and transparency with its partners.

According to Professor Dr. Ejaz Hussain, during the address at this belt and road forum, China has given a clear impression that he also wants to import, and it is not his weakness, it is part of his diplomacy. China's foreign policy is part of the imports.

Will America ever become a part of it?

Dr. Ejaz Hussain says, America is the first to be a Joe Biden management policy, America is growing toward protection, while China sees globalization in the economy. The reason behind the continued commercial war between America and China is that America wants its products to reach European, Chinese, and other global markets.

He says, At present, America is a country that China wants to be part of one belt and one road, while India's involvement in South Asia is also important, but currently there are concerns about these two countries. It is also expected that in the coming years, both of these countries can become part of its agreement in some way.

Maritime Silk Road and the South China Sea

Talking about the South China Sea, Khaliq Kayani says that China is a growing power. There is no problem, it is line-of-communication, there is trade, and there are only concerns. There are such statements for power checking, China is making its boundaries, and the US and other countries express their concerns over China.

China is going to increase sea power and some other countries have reservations about it. He says that China is the biggest power in the region, and India and America have strong ties to prevent it. China recognizes its competitors, but in terms of economy, cooperation in both countries is going on.

This marine part spread over 3.5 million square kilometers is one of the world's largest naval trade routes. However, there are many countries, including China, on the boundaries of the island and water present here.

China calls them their own property, while the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan consider these different islands as their own property. The proposed routes to the maritime silk route can also be intensely intact, while many circles also say that this project containing opportunities for this joint interest can also end this problem.

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