Who is Khalifa Haftar? The Libyan Army Chief

Khalifa Belqasim Haftar was a member of this group of officers headed by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who had rebelled against the Idris Senussi of Libya in 1969 and occupied power.

Khalifa Haftar

General Haftar devotes his life to ending the Libyan leader. In late 1980, Haftar visited the United States where he came close to the CIA.

General Haftar Rise and Fall

General Haftar was born in 1943, he participated in the war against Israel in 1973. In 1987, he was given the responsibility of military action against Chad as acknowledged his services. But this appointment was the beginning of the end of his military career.

In 1987, with over 300 soldiers, they were defeated and captured as prisoners. Gaddafi expelled Haftar, then he went against Gaddafi.

After the revolt against Gaddafi in 2011, he returned to Libya and soon became one of the main leaders of the opposition forces in the eastern part of the country. During the rebellion, he fought with Islamic opposition groups.

In the Middle East against Bin Ghazi and armed Islamic groups, as well as the opposition of the Islamists in Libya, including the Muslim Brotherhood groups, received themselves in the support of the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Shortly after that, Haftar again reached the place in February 2014 when he became famous for the project "to offer his plan to save the country". They gathered the Libyans for making National Congress.

After the announcement of control of Bin Ghazi city, another major city in Libya, local groups including Islamic militants started their support. He also attacked the Parliament building in the capital Tripoli.

In March 2015, the new House of Representatives, which was set up at the National General Congress, set them as commander of the army in chief. In September 2016, Haftar led military action to control Libya's south of the art oil installations.

Haftar did not recognize the National Reconciliation Government, which was headed by Fies al Siraj, who acknowledged the international community Libyan Prime Minister. Siraj insisted that the leadership of the army is under his government.

However, according to a joint statement, Siraj and Haftar agreed in May 2017 that the country crisis would work together to eliminate the crisis, but the deal has not been implemented. In the summer of 2017, rumors were spread over their health.

But later we found out that he is entering a hospital in France. At that time the French Foreign Minister told the National Assembly that Haftar's health is well and he is under treatment in the French military hospital.

General Haftar Supporters

General Haftar is now mounting on Tripoli, but the United Nations, including the G7, has warned him. However, despite all the conflicts, observers say Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are supporters of General Haftar.

During this period, General Haftar also met with Saudi Arabia's Vice President Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

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