May 2019
Predictions For Cricket

Now the countdown is starting for the mega event of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. And Cricket fans are excited to enjoy the whole event by supporting their favourite teams. According to ICC, cricket fans in 200 countries will see the World Cup 2019 direct from the stadium.

This is the 12th edition in Cricket World Cup History. As we know that West Indies wins the first two World Cups, India wins two world cups, Australia wins five World Cups, Pakistan and Sri Lanka wins only one World Cup. Who will win the Cricket World Cup 2019? this is a millions dollar question.

Here are six predictions which I expect would come true:

1. Usman Khawaja Score Most Runs

Usman Tariq Khawaja is a Top order Left-hand batsman from Australia. Khawaja born in Pakistan, he moved with his family to Australia when he was a young boy, and in the 2011 Sydney Ashes Test, he became the first Muslim to play for Australia. In my opinion, Usman Khawaja will score most runs in cricket world cup 2019.  Because he played 13 matches in 2019 yet, scored 769 runs with an average of 59 and strike rate of 83 including 2 hundred.

2. Virat Kohli Score Most Hundreds

Virat Kohli is a Top order Right-hand batsman from India. He scores 41 hundred and 49 fifties with an average of 59 in his ODI career. Also, Virat Kohli has the most number of hundreds during chases in ODIs. He has scored 18 hundred in successful chases.  He will score most hundreds in cricket world cup 2019. His passion for cricket has made him one of the best batsmen in the world across formats and has also helped him grow into a ruthless captain.

3. Imam Ul Haq Hits Most Fours

Imam ul Haq is a Top order Left-hand batsman from Pakistan. He hits 47 fours and 7 sixes in 2019 yet. He scores 1387 runs in 28 ODI matches with an average of 60. Imam ul Haq started his ODI career against Sri Lanka at Abu Dhabi in 2017. He looks to have faith in his abilities even in high-pressure moments, though he is admittedly yet to be tested in truly demanding conditions. Recently Imam Ul Haq scored 151 runs against England at Bristol.

4. Rohit Sharma Hits Most Sixes

Rohit Sharma is a Top order Right-hand batsman from India. Rohit Sharma scored 264 against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens, Kolkata on 13 November 2014, which is the highest individual score in ODIs and second in overall limited 50 over match. He hits 16 sixes and 44 fours in 2019 yet. Rohit Sharma will hit most sixes in 2019 Cricket World Cup. The first six years of his international career were frustrating for him, the team, and the spectators, as the odd delightful innings was followed and preceded by plenty of failures. But now Indian Cricket Team mostly rely on Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma for winning.

5. Trent Boult Takes Most Wickets

Trent Alexander Boult is a Left-arm fast-medium bowler from New Zealand. He started his ODI career against West Indies at Basseterre on 11 July 2012. He takes 21 wickets in 10 ODIs with the economy of 4 in 2019 yet. Trent Boult will take most wickets in 2019 Cricket World Cup. He also presents a significant threat to batsmen around the world with an ability to move the ball both ways even in unresponsive conditions.

6. England Reach World Cup Final

As we know that England has appeared in every edition of the Cricket World Cup. They have never won the competition, but their best performances were losing finalists in 1979, 1987 and 1992. Now England Cricket Team looking dangerous with their experience and young players. He will reach the World Cup Final because their recent performance against Pakistan was outstanding. And also the England team is playing on home grounds in front of the home crowd.
Cricket World Cup Direct

In addition to being broadcast live on TV, radio and digital platform in two hundred countries and regions of the world compared to the cricket World Cup starting from May 30 in England and Wales, this time for the first time, India, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will also be shown in Bahrain homes.

Referring to the details of arrangements for directing World Cup competitions to the corners of the world by the International Cricket Council on Tuesday, it has been said that in order to show live matches in India, UAE and Bahrain, Sunny Flakes' have been given rights. Apart from this, 'Inox' ​​in a few matches India will be shown in 'UAE' and 'Rail' and 'Nava' in Bahrain.

The Global Broadcasting Services (ICC) has given rights to 25 broadcast organizations of the globe countries to broadcast the World Cup, and the common custom in Pakistan is the official TV channel of Pakistan (PTV) Private TV channel ten games are available.

Star Sports has also served the world's top 50 cricket observers for the World Cup matches, they will offer commentaries in different languages and their predictions for cricket world cup will also be helpful for cricket fans.

The committee will be broadcast in seven regional languages ​​in India, including Hindi, Tamil, Togo, Canada, Bangla and Marathi. Apart from this, a few matches will be published on the 'Asia Night Plus' in Malaysia.

Super sports in the Middle East and North Africa, the Focus sports and channel nights in Australia, in the US, compared to the World Cup competition, sky sports in England and Republic of Ireland, Sky TV in South Africa, Sky and Prim TV in New Zealand, EPS in West Indies, Ghazi TV and BTV in Bangladesh, SLR in Sri Lanka, Focus Network in China and Southeast Asia. The DG cell in the group, Asia and the Pacific will be shown on the TV and in Europe and Central Asia.

This year, Afghanistan's team is taking part in World Cup competitions for the first time. Meanwhile, direct radio directors on the radio in Afghanistan have also been arranged to broadcast on television. This broadcast will reach around 60% of the country's population of two million people.

Willow TV is going to launch a new channel before the World Cup competitions in Canada, with which all the matches will be displayed. An estimated 30 million Indians in India will see the match by Live Streaming on the Star Sports's Digital Platform 'Hot Sports'.

To watch the moment of the match, cricket fans will be able to the coverage of 6 minutes of each hour of every each match will be available in 200 countries on 12 digital platforms. Apart from this, press conferences of captains and coaches and match highlights will also be seen on the smartphone after the match.
The English Football Club Manchester City has won the Premier League title with just one point difference.

Manchester City Premier League Titles

Defending his title, Manchester City scored 4 against Brighton in the final match, which could only score one goal. With this win, Manchester City got 98 points. Although the last time the city won 100 points by winning it, the success would be very satisfactory because the City's Liverpool had a tough fight for victory.

The second-largest club, Liverpool, got 97 points in 38 matches and was also the highest score team by the second highest in the league's history. Although the Liverpool Premier League could not win, he would play the European Champions League final against England Club Tottenham.

On the other hand, the winner will play in the Manchester City FA Cup final, which will be played almost once a week. Earlier in the English Football League Carabao Cup, Chelsea was defeated by Manchester City winner.

When Spanish coach Pep Guardiola assumed Manchester City's command in the Premier League, the experts expressed suspicion about the achievements such as Barcelona and Bayern Munich, perhaps not Manchester City.

As you know that Manchester United also knocked out by Wolves due to their bad performance. The first season has been tough for Garland, but after winning this league, he is with the lead of Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho in the Premier League's history and has joined the list of the managers who won one and then Premier League.

Despite so many achievements, Guardiola believes that the city may be better than ever and they have made a contract to stay with the club for 2020-21. According to him, when he feels he can not make his team even more intimate, he will leave the club just as he did with Barcelona and Bayern Munich.