Cricket World Cup Direct

In addition to being broadcast live on TV, radio and digital platform in two hundred countries and regions of the world compared to the cricket World Cup starting from May 30 in England and Wales, this time for the first time, India, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will also be shown in Bahrain homes.

Referring to the details of arrangements for directing World Cup competitions to the corners of the world by the International Cricket Council on Tuesday, it has been said that in order to show live matches in India, UAE and Bahrain, Sunny Flakes' have been given rights. Apart from this, 'Inox' ​​in a few matches India will be shown in 'UAE' and 'Rail' and 'Nava' in Bahrain.

The Global Broadcasting Services (ICC) has given rights to 25 broadcast organizations of the globe countries to broadcast the World Cup, and the common custom in Pakistan is the official TV channel of Pakistan (PTV) Private TV channel ten games are available.

Star Sports has also served the world's top 50 cricket observers for the World Cup matches, they will offer commentaries in different languages and their predictions for cricket world cup will also be helpful for cricket fans.

The committee will be broadcast in seven regional languages ​​in India, including Hindi, Tamil, Togo, Canada, Bangla and Marathi. Apart from this, a few matches will be published on the 'Asia Night Plus' in Malaysia.

Super sports in the Middle East and North Africa, the Focus sports and channel nights in Australia, in the US, compared to the World Cup competition, sky sports in England and Republic of Ireland, Sky TV in South Africa, Sky and Prim TV in New Zealand, EPS in West Indies, Ghazi TV and BTV in Bangladesh, SLR in Sri Lanka, Focus Network in China and Southeast Asia. The DG cell in the group, Asia and the Pacific will be shown on the TV and in Europe and Central Asia.

This year, Afghanistan's team is taking part in World Cup competitions for the first time. Meanwhile, direct radio directors on the radio in Afghanistan have also been arranged to broadcast on television. This broadcast will reach around 60% of the country's population of two million people.

Willow TV is going to launch a new channel before the World Cup competitions in Canada, with which all the matches will be displayed. An estimated 30 million Indians in India will see the match by Live Streaming on the Star Sports's Digital Platform 'Hot Sports'.

To watch the moment of the match, cricket fans will be able to the coverage of 6 minutes of each hour of every each match will be available in 200 countries on 12 digital platforms. Apart from this, press conferences of captains and coaches and match highlights will also be seen on the smartphone after the match.
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