The English Football Club Manchester City has won the Premier League title with just one point difference.

Manchester City Premier League Titles

Defending his title, Manchester City scored 4 against Brighton in the final match, which could only score one goal. With this win, Manchester City got 98 points. Although the last time the city won 100 points by winning it, the success would be very satisfactory because the City's Liverpool had a tough fight for victory.

The second-largest club, Liverpool, got 97 points in 38 matches and was also the highest score team by the second highest in the league's history. Although the Liverpool Premier League could not win, he would play the European Champions League final against England Club Tottenham.

On the other hand, the winner will play in the Manchester City FA Cup final, which will be played almost once a week. Earlier in the English Football League Carabao Cup, Chelsea was defeated by Manchester City winner.

When Spanish coach Pep Guardiola assumed Manchester City's command in the Premier League, the experts expressed suspicion about the achievements such as Barcelona and Bayern Munich, perhaps not Manchester City.

As you know that Manchester United also knocked out by Wolves due to their bad performance. The first season has been tough for Garland, but after winning this league, he is with the lead of Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho in the Premier League's history and has joined the list of the managers who won one and then Premier League.

Despite so many achievements, Guardiola believes that the city may be better than ever and they have made a contract to stay with the club for 2020-21. According to him, when he feels he can not make his team even more intimate, he will leave the club just as he did with Barcelona and Bayern Munich.
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