December 2019
In this post, I cover all the questions that we think before for Buying, Selling, Reselling and Registering domain names.

Best Domain Name Guide In The World

1. Which Domains are the best domains to buy and will be having good premium value?

Best Domains of.COM extension will be having good value when compared with any other extensions like.ORG or .NET or.BIZ or any country-specific domain extensions. Best Domains should be easy to remember.

If domain name comprises of proper meaning then that will be easy to remember. Domains having 2 letters and with extension.Com worth more than 100K USD. Domains of 3 letters will also be having great value in the market.

Single keyword domains and has dictionary meaning will have worth more than 100K USD. Next is two keyword domain names.  Combination of two popular keywords will be having good value and its value ranges from 2000 USD to 50000 USD.

If the domains PersonalLoans, BankLoans is worth 50000 USD then the domains like LoansReview, LoansLimit will worth only a thousand or 2000 USD. So we need to think of how frequently these keywords will be used and also what type of commercial content can be presented in the sites.

It is better not to invest more than 2000K USD to acquire the domains having three keywords. It is better not to take domains having 4 keywords even for 10 USD in the primary market.

Better not to take spelling mistake domains if you expect your business will grow in large scale over a period of time. Because even if you develop a domain like Biziness.Com to a great extent the free traffic will get diverted to Business.Com

For very popular keyword domains people can spend around 500 USD to acquire. So Personal-Loans or Bank-Loans is better to acquire between a price of 200 USD and 500 USD. But better not to buy the domains like Loans-Limit even for 10 USD.

Domains should be easily pronounceable. Avoid suffixes like inc, ltd etc to represent the actual name.

Search for the domain name string in Google Keyword Tool. Generally, if the Global Count is greater than 10000 then the domain will be considered as a good domain. At the same time domain name should not be greater than 18 characters.

Better to keep it below 12 or 13 characters and in two words. If the search results are greater than 100000 and the domain comprises of only two words then it will have good demand.

Next thing is to type the search string in Google and search for it. If you are getting ads when you search then you can consider it as a good domain name. Again the more the ads the more worth is the domain name.

Here again how much revenue will be generated on clicking that ad also will matter to consider the worth of domain name. Over the period of time along with experience, you will be knowing whether the domain name string will be having good commercial value or not.

More the age of the domain name then generally more value will be there for the domain name. Again we have seen a couple of domain names which are not worth to buy even for a 10Th0 dollars and registered before 8 years. So do judgement based upon all points and not on any single point.

In the secondary market if you are purchasing any domain name with more than 10000 USD then check for similar domain names with all possible vendors. Sometimes you may be getting domains which are worth more than the domain name you are planning to purchase.

Single word domain names are exceptional and worth will range from hundreds of thousands to millions of USD. This is what has been observed in the domain names like Business.Com, Cameras.Com,, etc.

Try to avoid local terminology domain name if the business is not purely domestic.  A domain name will have good value when compared with Both the domain names have the same meaning but the second domain name is in local language which is not possible to understand to a broader community.

Consider all points and do proper exercise of assessment and win a good domain name which itself can give you good customers to your site and thereby improve your business or idea. The Domain Name can also be considered as one of the important key factors to get on to a successful position in the world of business.

Best and high premium domain names will generate good traffic and it helps to generate good business. Couple of domain names like Hotels.Com, FB.COM,,, have been sold with a worth of a few million dollars. Most of the premium domain names are bought by investors and a couple of there are available in the secondary market to resell.

2. How many domains and websites are there at present?

There are about 30 million domains that are registered and 15 million websites are present in the market. But there are a few best domain registers companies that provide great domains with cheap rates.

3. How to buy or resell domains of high premium value?

There are many service providers in the market who offer to buy or resell domain names that are best, great and has high premium value domains.

We are one of the best service providers. Apart from us, there are many resellers like,,,, etc.

It is always best practice to reach as many brokers and buyers as possible to resell best, great and premium domains. So we recommend trying with maximum possible brokers and buyers to generate good profits.

The more we try to reach the brokers and buyers, the more the possibilities to reselling the domains at best and great price.

4. Domain has launched Website. How to estimate value and traffic to the domain and website? website helps to find the traffic to the site. It helps to get regional ranking and the global ranking of the website. Similarly, the sites like and will help to generate the traffic and worth of website in dollars.

These numbers will help to estimate to come to a conclusion. Apart from our company has several metrics to evaluate the best and great premium domains with websites.

5. How domains can be monetized that has good traffic?

Domains can be supplied for Parking Domain Service Providers. They will use your best domains for advertisement and part of the share will be provided to you as commission.

6. How to Buy Expired Domain Names in the market?

If the originally registered domain names are not registered then they will be considered as expired domain names. Generally, with the registrars, we can buy expired domain names by placing backorders. Apart from that, there are a couple of vendors in the market who use great technology to capture the domain names.

Few of the vendors are Snapnames, Enom. Apart from this GoDaddy is one good registrar with whom we can place backorders. It is better to place an order with all the vendors. The charge will be done by the only vendor who is successful in attaining the domains name.

7. What is gTLD and ccTLD domain names stand for?

The shortcuts gTLD stands for Generic Top Level Domains and ccTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domains.

Few examples of gTLD are:

  • .Com which stands for Commercial Domain Names
  • .Org which stands for non-profit organizations
  • .Biz stands for business
  • .Info stands for Information

Few examples of ccTLD are:

  • .us stands for USA Domain Names
  • .de stands for Germany Domain Names
  • .in stands for India domain Names
  • .au stands for Australia Domain Names

Read the article of Wikipedia with generic and country-code top-level domains.

8. How to assess the Domain Names and Websites? What price I can pay for the domain name?

ESTIBOT is one of the best websites. We personally feel in 60% of the cases one can pay 40% to 70% of the price for the domains that are priced below 25K USD. ESTIBOT will consider only domain worth and not the content on the website.

We feel for some domains we observed the domain prices that are displayed are highly-priced and for few the prices are undervalued. Of course, different people will be having different thoughts related to valuations.

Always list out alternative domains apart from the domain you want to buy. Then do the exercise of assessment considering.

  • How frequently free traffic will be coming to the domain name.
  • Valuations by different vendors.
  • How easy is it to remember.
  • Commercial sites related domains will be having more worth.  So like this, the list will on.

The worth of Web is one good website which will hit google, Alexa and so many systems using APIS to fetch traffic to the site, regional wise traffic, content in the website like this and so many other factors.

This is one of the metrics that can be taken us input to consider the value of the site.
Expired Domains To Purchase Or Buy

Domains that are not renewed by the original owner will be released to the market and those domains will be considered as Expired Domains.

There are best domain name companies like GoDaddy, SnapNames, and Enom offers services to buy an expired domain name and they will charge from 30 to 100 USD. It is better to place a backorder with as many vendors as possible. Because we will not be knowing who will be able to succeed in getting the expired domain name. The charge will be done by the only company who will be able to succeed in getting the domain name. The other vendors will not charge any money for placing a backorder for the domain name.

Users can place an order on the domain name they are about to expire.

Once the domain name is released to the market, the companies will try to register with the help of different advanced technologies based upon the backorders.

If multiple users kept back orders then there will be an auction. SnapNames and GoDaddy companies are more transparent in the process of buying domain names. But it is better to place an order with all the vendors.

Expired domains with.COM extension will be around sixty to seventy thousand. For these expired domain names, there will be a lot of competition. Generally, 80% of the expired domains will be scrap domain names. Fifteen percentage of domains are better to have domain names. Three to four percent of expired domain names are good to buy. One to Two percentage is the best domains and will be having good premium value and these are easy to flip. is the website where generally it provides updates related to expired domain names. There will be auctions before domain names get deleted. Best Domain names will be captured through expired domain name auctions.
Three Good Things To Promote Happiness

When I studied positive psychology (the scientific study of happiness) in college, many lessons stuck with me. For example, money increases happiness only up until a certain threshold, at which point basic needs are satisfied.

Having children decreases momentary happiness, but dramatically improves long-term life satisfaction. A lengthy commute significantly diminishes happiness far more than people may predict. So many interested findings.

Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, tested various interventions to measure effects on human happiness. One of the simplest was called Three Good Things in Life. "Participants were asked to write down three things that went well each day and their causes every night for one week. In addition, they were asked to provide a causal explanation for each good thing."

They found that completion of this daily exercise "increased happiness and decreased depressive symptoms." The positive effects feeling happier and less depressed were immediate and long-lasting.

In this video, Dr. Seligman, himself, explains the process and why it works:

It's not unlike a gratitude list, but with a slightly different twist. Seligman notes that it's important to not only identify the "good thing" that happened, but also the cause. Why did this happen? Or why is this a good thing?

If you received praise for something at work or school, is it because you did a good job? Because you put in a lot of time and effort on your project?

If you set a new personal record for your 5k run, was it your lucky day, or did your training pay off?

If your jeans feel loose, is it because they stretched out, or because you've been choosing to eat high-quality foods?

If you had a nice time catching up with a relative, maybe that's because you took time out of your busy day to invest in your personal relationships.

Maybe a friend did you a favor because you've done so many for them in the past.

Maybe you had a fun afternoon with friends, is it because you were brave enough to suggest an unconventional activity?

Maybe you had a really good nap, or a particularly good meal, or an awesome workout. Maybe you can simply be grateful for the things and people you have in life. Anything that is GOOD to YOU!

You get the idea. Don't just say what happened, but also why. Give yourself some credit!

How should you start?

1. Choose your medium for journaling. Pick up a basic lined journal to keep on your nightstand, start a new Google Doc, or use a website designed for daily journaling.

2. Simply begin! At night before bed, reflect on your day. Identify three good things anything that made you feel happy, grateful, proud, or warm and fuzzy inside that happened over the course of the day. The "things" can be big or small it's up to you.

3. Consider why it happened. Even if you don't have an answer right away, try to figure out why you enjoyed that blessing on this day. This was tricky for me to get used to at first, but do your best and you'll get better at this part. Again, don't be afraid to give yourself credit! Or, sometimes you might simply think that someone up there is smiling down on you. Whatever it is, think about and write down why the good thing happened.

4. Do it again the following night! Keep it up. The trick is doing this on a regular basis. Make it a habit. This is why putting a journal beside your bed is a good idea, or even keeping a document open in your phone for regular editing.

5. Look back on past entries. Over time, you'll get to look back and recall "good things" both big and small that made you happy and can now, once again, bring a smile to your face, a week, month, or year later!

Conclusion: If you want to get happiness in your life, then write down three good things every day.
New York most expensive and luxury hotels are considered the best hotels in the world. These hotels provide luxury lifestyle to everyone that is comfortable to stay there for a long time. If you are thinking about which expensive hotel is suitable for you to take a look inside.

New York Most Luxury And Expensive Hotels

10. The Chatwal, A Luxury Collection Hotel

This family friendly hotel is within 5 minutes walk of 5th Avenue and Minskoff Theate and few steps from Broadway and Times Square. The Chatwal hotel consists of 76 soundproofed rooms offer free WiFi, pillowtop beds, and LCD TVs with digital channels. The standard room size is 250 to 270 square feet and the cost is $665.

Jenifer, stayed in this hotel and tells his experience: "Beautiful Art Deco building. The service was outstanding. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. The even mailed postcards for us."

9. Park Hyatt New York

This luxury hotel is Located in Midtown, within a 5-minute distance of Carnegie Hall and Central Park and also 10 minutes distance of 5th Avenue and Columbus Circle. This hotel consists of 210 rooms offer free WiFi in public areas and rooms. The standard room size is 430 square feet and the cost is $700.

Michelle, recently stayed in this hotel and tells her experience: "Nice hotel in a very good area near Central Park with beautiful spacious rooms."

8. The New York EDITION

This elegant hotel is Located in Midtown a few steps from Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park. Grand Central Terminal and Empire State Building are also within 2 kilometres distance. The New York EDITION hotel consists of 273 rooms provides free WiFi, Smart TVs with cable channels, and comforts like pillowtop beds. The standard room size is 220 square feet and costs is $701.

josephPiperato, tells this hotel experience: "Very pleasant environs with extra helpful staff. Nice location and great views. It’s my new place to stay in the City."

7. Trump International Hotel & Tower New York

The Trump International Hotel is located in the heart of New York within a few steps from Central Park and Columbus Circle. Metropolitan Opera House and Lincoln Center are also within 10 minutes walk. This hotel consists of 176 rooms boast deep soaking tubs and offer free WiFi in rooms and public areas. 24-hour room service is available. The standard room size is 440 square feet and the cost is $750.

Stella, tells this hotel experience: "Incredible property and customer service. Everyone was kind and friendly. However, the most incredible thing that I witnessed was when a lady who looked homeless came to the door. There were a couple of Bellmen standing outside.

I watched to see what they would do. Expecting to see them ask her to leave. To my surprise, the doorman asked her if she wanted a bottle of water. With great class, he went in and brought her some water. Treated her with great respect. Very impressive. Somethings like that make you realize that it is not just about the money."

6. Crosby Street Hotel

This hotel is located in New York's trendy SoHo neighbourhood within 2 miles from the Empire State Building and a few minute's walks from a subway station. Crosby Street Hotel consists of 84 rooms offer screening room, gym, garden, DVD, free WiFi throughout, valet parking, CD and book library. The Standard room size is 340 square feet and the cost is $925.

A traveller from Australia stayed in this hotel and said that: "I just stayed at Crosby Street Hotel for 6 nights and it was one of the Best Hotels In New York I have stayed in and match the Firmdale's excellent service. These people know how to run a hotel.

The head concierge Chris and his protege Freddy are excellent as are the front desk staff. Nothing is too much trouble. The rooms are spacious, there is a great outlook and it is in an excellent location. The interior of the hotel is interesting and inspiring.

The service was personal without being intrusive. My only critique is the breakfast. This could be improved. Besides that, this hotel sets the standrad for hotels around the world."

5. The Plaza Hotel New York

This attractive hotel is located in the heart of New York within a few steps from Central Park and 5th Avenue. Carnegie Hall and Museum of Modern Art are also within 10 minutes walk. The Plaza consists of 282 rooms feature thoughtful touches like bathrobes and slippers, plus a business center and flat-screen TVs with cable channels. The standard room size is 475 square feet and costs is $925.

Nicole, tells that: "Fantastic location, old, historic hotel but well kept."

4. Mandarin Oriental New York

This handsome hotel is located in Midtown within a few steps from Columbus Circle and Central Park and less than a mile from the Museum of Modern Art. This hotel consists of 244 rooms boast deep soaking tubs and offer WiFi and 24-hour room service. Other services available to guests include flat-screen TVs and premium bedding. The Standard room size is 400 to 425 square feet and the cost is $995.

A traveller said: "Excellent service with a super comfortable bed. Definitely the best luxury hotel in Manhattan! Staffs were all friendly and caring about us. Also, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is located at a convenient location right in front of Central Park. Will visit again when we come back to NYC."

3. Four Seasons Hotel New York

This stunning hotel is within 10 walk of Museum of Modern Art and St. Patrick's Cathedral and few steps from 5th Avenue, and Central Park. Four Seasons Hotel consists of 368 rooms offer thoughtful touches like pillow menus and bathrobes, and other facilities such as premium bedding and down comforters. The standard room size is 500 square feet and the cost is $1195.

Tamra, said that: "I am a “regular” guest at this Four Seasons. I love the location, amenities, good restaurants and bar. The staff is attentive and helpful. The hotel meets my high expectations."

2. The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

This hotel is located in Manhattan, are steps from Lenox Hill Hospital, Madison Avenue, and Central Park. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art are also within 15 minutes walk. This New York hotel consists of 188 rooms feature thoughtful touches plus free WiFi and flat-screen TVs with cable channels. The standard room size is 350 to 400 square feet and the cost is $1211.

Colleen, stayed in this hotel and said: "The beds were so comfortable and the rooms were spacious. It was extremely quiet, not always the case with hotels in NYC."

1. The Whitby Hotel

This expensive hotel is located in upper midtown Manhattan within 7-minute distance from the Museum of Modern Art. The Whitby Hotel consists of 86 rooms offer free WiFi and 24-hour front desk. The standard room size is 350 square feet and costs is $1350.

Sinanatr, said: "We feel like home at this hotel. Perfect with everything."

If you are thinking these expensive hotels are out of reach, don't worry. There are cheap hotels in new york city that provides luxurious services like a 5-star hotel.
Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day of the year, even Thanksgiving holiday in terms of sales and has become the trending topic in the world today.

Cyber Monday Has Trending Searches In The World

The word " Cyber Monday" was first used within the eCommerce community during the year of 2005 holiday season. It is created by retailers to encourage people to shop online with huge discounts.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is also the biggest online shopping day in the world. Every famous online store usually offers great discounts on all kinds of products, to get the full benefits on Cyber Monday, follow your favorite retailers on social media, subscribe to their newsletters, or download their official apps so you can stay updated about all the great deals.

Cyber Monday has taken on a life of its own, generating $7.9 billion in sales previous year and it was the biggest shopping day in its own history. You can save more money on your favorite online stores, like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and many more. In fact, Cyber Monday deals mean shopping with big discounts.

As the Monday after Thanksgiving has become the best shopping day. You can get best laptop deals, cell phone deals, clothes deals and much more on the world biggest deals day.

Major participants in Cyber Monday from around the web:

Cyber Monday is a better day to shop for gadgets, gifts, and shoes. Make sure you plan out your purchases in advance and looking through which Cyber Monday deal is best for you with the lowest price.