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How Do You Hold Your Head Up or Down

Feel the discomfort in the back of your neck? We may do this when we are walking, driving, trying to get a better look at the computer, etc.

Hold Your Head Up Or Down

Alternatively, some drop their chins down toward their chest. Try it. Again, feel the discomfort? We may do this when we are tired, trying to go within, or just looking down.

The neck is not the only casualty. Whether one juts the chin forward or drops it to their chest, they are encouraging poor posture. The muscles over the tops of the shoulders start to thicken, and a hunch is formed.

In turn, the chest tightens and collapses. If you’re unsure, stand sideways to the mirror. Try the incorrect poses to learn what you don’t want to feel.

Close your eyes, and balance your head atop your spine. Bob your head around until you feel centered. You’ll instinctively know the center point. Check the mirror. Gently draw your shoulders back and down.

Don’t let the frontal ribs puff out. Slightly draw the lower frontal rib and the pubic bone toward each other. Continue to lift the chest. Feel taller?

The next time you are at a stoplight, look to the right and left. How are the drivers sitting? Are their shoulders hunched forward creating a bulging upper back? Is their chest collapsing?

Is their head jutting forward or down? These misalignments often go together. What’s worse is that these particular misalignments sneak up on us over time creating a well-defined hunch.

Staying conscious on the mat can help you off the mat. While dropping the head to the knee in Janu Sirsasana can be good for digestion and create space between the vertebrae, one must be conscious of intention.

When in Lizard Pose, do you drop your head to the floor (no benefit here) to sink into the stretch? Rather try lifting the head with the gaze straight down and stretch the crown of the head forward. Feel length in the front and back torso along with an open chest?

This is just one example. There are many asanas where a variety of head positions are correct. However, choose your pose with intelligence and intention. The good news is that the hunch, with patience, practice, and time, can be reversed.

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