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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2023

WordPress has now been upgraded to 6.0, which is more powerful and runs faster than before. The code is more reasonable! Although, compared with domestic blog programs, the speed is still incomparable, with its powerful functions and many plug-in style templates.

WordPress Hosting and Web Host

Therefore, at present, many people choose to use WordPress to start building their own blogs and websites, and even many companies have also started to use WordPress to build corporate sites. Undoubtedly, at the beginning of building a website, of course, you must choose a good WordPress hosting space.

First, Linux space is preferred

Because WordPress is based on PHP + MySQL, a Linux host is our first choice-although a windows host can also run WordPress programs, the former is a golden combination, after all, we have no reason not to choose.

What system is on the server does not matter what operating system you use, you all operate the same? If you still don’t understand, then put the problem first, after using it, you will understand, listen to me first, and buy a Linux space first.

Second, pay attention to the program version

In addition, please also pay attention to check or consult the version of PHP and MySQL of the customer service server, because the latest version of WordPress requires PHP version 8.1 or higher, and MySQL version 8.0 or higher if the version is not enough, It is best to change to another hosting company.

Third, of course, it depends on the price

For novices, of course, I hope the lower the price, the better, and the higher the performance! However, I believe everyone knows the principle of one cent and one cent! So we also need to find a balance between them! We can accept the performance, and the price can be satisfied, this is the best space! I also briefly explain the best web hosting companies for you to choose from.

Finally, see if the server supports WordPress automatic installation

Support WordPress automatic installation will save you a lot of trouble, such as you don't need to download and upload WordPress program files, and it will be very convenient to update! The host companies we introduced above all support WordPress automatic installation, you can rest assured to buy. If you want to create a WordPress website and do not have much knowledge about website creation, you can also hire a WordPress developer at a cheap price.

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