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How To Intensify Yoga Poses For Flexibility

Begin by standing in Tadasana or Mountain yoga pose. Now is the time for information. Leave judgment aside. Is your weight evenly distributed throughout your feet?

Basic To Advanced Yoga Poses

Most of us do not utilize the entire foot. Are you relying on the ball of the foot, the heel, the interior line, or the exterior line?

Slowly rock forward, backward, and side to side. Readjust until your weight is spread evenly throughout the feet. Align your shoulders over your hips and heels.

Gently draw your pubic bone up to the frontal lower ribs, and drop the tailbone toward your heels.  Remember not to pelvic tuck.

This postural movement of the pubic bone is more subtle. Root down into the Earth through your heels, the balls of your feet, and the exterior line of the entire foot. Relax the toes and don’t death grip the mat.

Draw energy up from the Earth by lifting the arch of your foot. Feel that force rise up the legs, through the hip flexors, up the abdomen, and into an expanding heart. Your entire body should be working physically and metaphysically.

Now for the hands! Draw the hands toward each other in Anjali Mudra. Lift your heart to meet your thumbs rather than dropping your heart to meet your thumbs. Note the distinction between lifting the heart and slumping the shoulders.

Separate the hands just enough so that they are not touching. Feel the energy between the hands. If you needed proof of your own energy force, here it is in the space between your hands. Allow the hands to meet and press them firmly into each other.

Feel the fingers, base of your palm, and exterior lines pressing.  Gently draw the center of your palms away from each other while gluing the rest of the hands together.

Imagine the center of your palms as the arches of your feet lift and separate. Feel the energy from your hands emanating into your arms, shoulders, chest, and upper back, and filling your heart.

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