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Best Outdoor and Indoor Exercises Workouts

Summer is the season for fun in the sun and everything outdoors. Unfortunately, we begin to hide inside the house when temperatures start dropping a few degrees, and it’s when we retreat to the cozy dens that we usually begin to get sick.

Best Outdoor and Indoor Workouts

Why? Staying indoors all day prevents you from getting fresh air. You also get no sun, which provides vitamin D and keeps you healthy. While it might be uncomfortable at first, dress warmly, and push yourself to get outside a few days a week for a workout. The rest of the exercise can be done inside the house.

Outdoor Exercises

Performing exercises outside will give you the benefit of clean oxygen to inhale. Good air fills your muscles with the oxygen necessary for cellular respiration.

The process results in a type of energy that fuels the muscles so they can contract. Without fresh air, you won’t be getting the most out of your workouts.

The following are a few exercises that can be done outside. While many of them can also be performed indoors, it is more advantageous to exercise out in the open when possible.

Sprints: Jogging is a decent form of cardiovascular exercise, but it isn’t the most effective form of running. Sprint training is a type of interval training where you exert maximum energy for short durations and then rest for longer periods in between.

It burns more calories, stimulates more muscle, and increases lung capacity better than jogging, which mainly builds up endurance.

To perform a typical sprint session, dash as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Then, take a four-minute break before sprinting again for another 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle between 4 and 7 times to complete the workout.

Pull-ups: If you have access to a pull-up bar, this exercise is very effective for strengthening your lats, biceps, and middle back. For a sexy, toned back and arms, pull-ups are the way to go.

To perform a pull-up, grab the horizontal bar with a shoulder-width spread and palms facing away from you. Bend your back so that your chest sticks out and your body is at a 30-degree angle to the ground.

Then pull yourself up until your chest touches or nearly touches the bar, and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 5 to 6 times for about 3 sets. Since women tend to have weaker arms than men, you may need a friend to support your legs, or use a chin-up assist machine instead.

Heavy Bag Boxing: This is another excellent multiplanar training routine that boosts your stamina and builds strength at the same time. It may also help you develop self-defense skills that can be used in an emergency situation.

Start by hitting the heavy bag repeatedly for 60 seconds. You can either throw one type of punch, like alternating jabs, or mix in several types of blows including hooks, crosses, and uppercuts. Rest for 2 to 3 minutes, then repeat the cycle 3 to 5 more times to finish the workout.

Indoor Exercises

When weather conditions are not conducive to outdoor exercising, you can perform the following exercises indoors using home gym equipment such as ellipticals, treadmills, weights, resistance bands, and more.

Leg Raises: Having a slim and toned midsection is ideal for pretty much every woman. This exercise focuses on the lower abs that are harder to work and generally retain more fat.

Begin by lying down with your back on the floor and your legs straight out. Put your feet together, and point your toes outward.

With your hands underneath your glutes for support, slowly raise both of your legs using only your lower abs until they are about 45 degrees off the ground. Slowly come back down, and repeat about 10 times for 3 sets.

Standing Squats: Squats are great for building up all the muscles in the lower body. They will tone up the front and back of your thighs, your glutes, and calves.

Start by standing with the feet shoulder-width apart. Then press your hands with palms together at chest level, and squat down until your legs form a right angle with the ground. Stand back up, and repeat until satisfied.

Tricep Extensions: Many women complain about having "wavy" arms. This usually means flabby triceps, and this exercise will fix that problem for sure.

Grab a dumbbell of challenging weight with both hands, and extend the arms above your head with the dumbbell dangling just behind your head.

With feet shoulder-width apart, bend your arms at the elbows, and gradually lower the dumbbell until your arms form a right angle. Extend fully until your arms are outstretched again, and then repeat.

There you have indoor and outdoor exercises for the autumn season. Although exercises done outside are most beneficial, you can resort to staying indoors when the weather doesn’t allow it.

The important thing to remember is to continue to exercise during the colder months when most people start getting lazy.

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