February 2020
Windows officially has been churning out two versions of its operating systems since the time of Vista; the 64-Bit and the 32-Bit version. Although the two may look deadly similar to a common man's eyes, there exist some inherent differences that make both suit different procession needs and cater to a varied clientele.

Windows 7 Bit System

Talking in the simplest terms, the difference in Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit lies in the data handling capability of the processors; the 64-bit version can take care of a larger amount of Random Access Memory when compared to its counterpart and that too more effectively.

The major kinds of differences that underlay both these systems that decide the buyer's choice are as follows.


The basic part as mentioned above is that 32-bit Windows 7 can handle only up to 3GB of RAM, which is very unlikely compared to the 64-bit version which has the ability to handle a whopping 192GB as Random Access Memory.

And talking of memory, with applications becoming more and more complex each passing minute, they are becoming largely memory hungry at the same time. As such it cannot be ignored that 3GB RAM would become obsolete, as the applications would demand more of capacity as a part of RAM to work efficiently.


Although the 32-bit version of Windows 7 is more or less enough to carry out most of the major operations of a general consumer. But talking of specialized applications, the releases come specifically to 64-bit or 32-bit systems.

The edge that 64-bit systems have over the 32-bit OS is that software and applications made for 32-bit OS can be run by the 64-bit OS as well (exceptions for some likes of anti-virus programs), but the reverse is not happening.

64-bit programs demand more and faster processing which is beyond the capability of 32-bit systems to handle.


As already said above the 64-bit programs demand more processing power, they also are able to deliver superior performance. As such the shift to 64-bit versions in case of software companies is quite visible now.

This is a clear indication that sooner or later the 32-bit systems would turn obsolete as would be able to handle upcoming programs on their platform.


One of the biggest drawbacks of having two separate versions is that the device drivers are not common. Separate drivers are released for both the versions and this not only makes the deal cumbersome but also limits to the list of devices one can plug into both of the versions. As such it is a necessity to check for the driver version before picking up a device out from the store.


Although most claims there are no major differences between the software architecture of Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit besides the processing power; Windows did do a few tweaks and fixes to its 64-bit version making it a step ahead of its 32-bit counterpart.

For instance, with inbuilt features like driver signature and Kernel Patch Protection, the 64-bit release of Windows 7 is considered to be somewhat more secure when it comes to the malware and rootkits on the table.

Thus it is worth an option to consider getting the 64-bit version upfront, at the same time it is not the very need of the hour as 32-bit releases of software are still coming and will do so for some time now.

Final Word; Windows 7 64-bit version is not only having an edge over the 32-bit release but with the higher capacity to handle data, the software makers are also tending to move towards the platform for better and superior software performance. As such it is not wrong to say, that the era of 64-bit processing to totally dominate the scene isn’t far away.
We live in an internet savvy world where we would love everything to be done online whether it is an evening chat with your friend or developing your college project with online software tools. In accordance with this scenario companies worldwide are continuously offering new solutions to users that allow them to accomplish many tasks online which were once considered to be almost impossible.

Webinar Is Best Tool For Modern Day Marketing

Web conferencing has evolved itself into numerous multipurpose avatars and one of the most widely used one among them today is webinars. But how many of you have heard of the term webinar? Do not get worried.

A webinar is simply a term coined by joining two very popular words i.e. Web and Seminar. So a webinar is, in fact, a web-based seminar.

One such solution is the evolution of web conferencing which allows real-time collaboration of individuals via audio and video transmission courtesy of the internet by making use of technologies like VOIP and so on. The participants of a web conference need not be in the same locality or for the fact not even on the same continent.

How does a Webinar Work?

It works on the same principle as that of web conferencing i.e. using technologies such as VOIP. Now it is assumed that all of you know what a seminar is. So a Webinar basically involves conducting online interactive sessions that will include workshops, presentations, lectures and many more such activities.

Webinar Vs Webcast

Webinars are different from webcasts even though a number of people will not agree to this fact. A webcast is more of like a one-side session wherein a person broadcasts the audio and video signals of his presentation to multiple users.

At the same time using the internet but there is no or limited scope for a two-way interaction like feedback and questionnaire sessions. It is more akin to our radio transmission wherein users have to listen to whatever is coming out of the radio without raising any questions.

What does a Webinar offer?

A webinar, on the other hand, is much more interactive and offers facilities that are normally handed over to the audiences during a live seminar in a real-time environment wherein the speaker and the listeners are in the same room.

A webinar empowers the audience to respond with queries or objections in conjunction with the speaker's presentation and depending on the software used for webinars there are options for a particular listener to either publish his opinion under his own name or as an anonymous user thereby providing security of his or her identity in matters relating to sensitive issues.

There are also webinars which facilitate events such as real-time polling or voting schemes to help sort out differences with a majority favours who strategy.

So, in fact, a webinar is best suited for events like debates, political discussions and events of such magnitude wherein the participants required for the event are scattered at remote locations and the only way they can communicate is through the web.
The importance of note-making and note-taking is very essential for students and for their studies. In education, making notes in the classroom will not only increase the writing speed but also make the doubts clear and gives huge benefits to students.

If you make notes in class, then you will definitely get benefit in academic examinations. Not only this, due to this habit, it will also help to pass any competitive exam in future. Actually, when making notes, our whole focus is to note down the important things.

Note Making And Note Taking

When the subject is revisited again, the dots become clear. Apart from this, the biggest advantage of making notes in class is that when the teacher presents a good example to explain a topic, then the difficult topic can be easily understood by noting such examples. So make a habit of making notes in class.

Information of notes is not available anywhere else. Any kind of information can be collected easily, but still, some problems such as language arise in the study of some information. In such a situation, if you have a habit of taking notes in class, then it will help to understand the content again.

Notes will remind you of classroom

When you revise the notes made in the classroom again, you also remember the atmosphere of the classroom. In such a situation, if you have forgotten to note something important, then those things can be recalled easily, as well as remembering the good things related to the classroom, the mood is also fresh.

Notes required for exam preparation

Classroom notes mean important points the teacher says. When using many examples during teaching, the answer will be effective. The advantage of this is that you will get good marks in the exam.

Notes will be cleared from doubts

If you find any topic difficult, then you can easily overcome your downtime by making a habit of taking notes in class. Many times it happens that when you take notes, your doubts also get cleared automatically. If there are any dots still, then you should clear with the help of a teacher at the same time so that there is no problem in understanding further.

This will make you a habit of writing

If you make notes in class, it will also speed up your writing speed, it will be an advantage that during the exam you will be able to write faster in the answer sheet. The speed of writing of students is very slow. Due to this, despite having sufficient time, they are not able to write the answers to all questions.

Writing, in short, is a better way to take notes in the classroom. Apart from this, only simple words should be used in the notes.

Attention increases with notes

When you start taking notes in class, you listen carefully to each word of what the teacher is saying. That is, if you want to make good notes, then take all your attention in class, as well listen to everything of the teacher carefully and note the important things in your notebook. This will help you understand whatever subject is being taught.

Notes are the means of information

In the brain, we cannot store all kinds of information together. So making notes is a very good alternative to information. For example, when we listen to someone's words, only a few things are remembered from them, while when we study it again by noting all the important things from the notes, then everything is remembered again.
It is stated that Blogging became very famous at some stage in the 90s. As increasingly demand multiplied in providing blogging platforms, Blogger and WordPress were born.

Blogger Vs Wordpress Which is Better

Blogger and WordPress are two blogging platforms utilized by many people these days. But nevertheless many have a confusion to select which one over the opposite for the reason that both has its own blessings and disadvantages.

The newbies regularly use Blogger and the experts use WordPress. So, right here is an assessment in element approximately blogger and Wordpress.


  1. You shouldn't be an expert in HTML or CSS to have a weblog using Blogger.
  2. It is absolutely free and has unlimited server facility which permits you to host every unmarried page at no additional cost.
  3. You can run it from the standard internet browser and also you don’t want to install anything.
  4. Very clean to use and has a miles less complicated navigation facility.
  5. Their new tools furnished then and there's of very much assist to their customers to personalize their contents on their respective blogs.


  1. WordPress has a desire between loose [www.Wordpress.Com] and paid model [www.Wordpress.Org]. The loose model wishes no separate WordPress hosting and domain but the top rate paid model has to be established in a separate website hosting provider website and need to possess a site too.
  2. The navigation and the interface are very clean to use and the consumer receives snug the use of it more and more.
  3. It affords a statistics device in element, which is considered to be an added advantage.
  4. It has the pleasant search engine marketing tools which might be more efficient than any other blogging platform and offers advanced and improved position within the search engine results.


  1. When in comparison in their customer service efficiency, WordPress gets the first vicinity with an extra variety of topics to help its users whereas Blogger has only some topics to help its users.
  2. Blogger can be without difficulty used and created by way of Google users. They can add Adsense to their money owed and earn some money too.
  3. WordPress gives extra templates to select from and has quite a few widgets too. It also allows adding more pages like those of a contact web page, about the web page and greater such.
  4. Both Blogger and WordPress provide to add a video.
  5. With all those evaluation stuff said, it is as much as the user to decide on the pleasant blogging platform to start their blog on the net because each Blogger and WordPress have their own capabilities and elements that might entice different human beings.
Another wonderful fish for the beginner or advanced keeper goldfish come in a large variety of shapes, colours and sizes. At times they may seem difficult to keep, but their care is fairly simple some difficulties owners have stem from overfeeding and under cleaning.

Cool Facts About Goldfish

The following guide is based on a bowl set up.

Goldfish Behaviour

  • Interactive with their tank friends
  • Always on the lookout for the next meal
  • Prefer cool water
  • Average life span 2+ years – record holder was 20+ years
  • Plan on 1 gallon per fish – however, based on their size, you may need to double or triple those guides.

Setting Up

  1. Rinse your bowl, gravel and accessories well. Do not use any type of cleaner including soap. If necessary, you can dissolve a handful of salt in warm water and use this to soak and scrub out the bowl if it housed another fish or is in need. It saves time to have a dedicated bucket, cup and other accessories to help with future cleanings.
  2. Consider using Aquarium Salt in your first water set-up to off-set stress-related reactions* - as a guideline, use ¼ - ½ tsp. aquarium salt per gallon of water. Dissolve the salt first in warm water, then add to conditioned water.
  3. Fill a clean, no soaped container with enough water to fill the bowl. Make sure the water isn’t too cold. Add water conditioner (a dechlorinator).
  4. Add gravel, plants etc., to your bowl and fill with the dechlorinated water.
  5. Allow the water to come to room temperature.
  6. Float your goldfish in its travel bag in the water for 10 minutes and release.
  7. Place your goldfish in an area that protects it from direct heat, sun or cold, but in an area where he/she can have interaction. They are social and curious.


  1. Feed your goldfish two times per day following the manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Feed slowly watching how much is consumed, if food is falling to the bottom before being eaten, then either slow down or stop. Overfeeding contributes to poor water quality and blockages.
  3. Goldfish food comes in pellets, flakes and crisps. If you have a tank that houses faster and slower moving goldfish, use a variety to keep the faster swimmers busy on the surface (pellets or crisps) this gives the slower swimmers (moors) more opportunity to find sinking flakes.


  1. Partial water changes are recommended at least once during the week as well as a full bowl change. Depending on your set-up, you should watch for the general water clarity and how your fish is behaving. Gasping at the surface is an indication of low oxygen and poor water quality.
  2. A partial water change means that your remove ¼ of the water from the bowl and replace it with fresh dechlorinated water that has come to room temperature before being added.
  3. A full bowl clean will mean following the same steps as a set-up. However, you’ll be removing your goldfish from the bowl using a net or a cup and placing it in a holding container. Remember to add a portion of the water your goldfish were kept in during cleaning. This water does have beneficial bacteria present that contribute to a healthy bowl.
  4. If you decide to continue with adding salt to the water, only add it during a full bowl clean.

Using an Aquarium Salt can support the immune response and prevent susceptibility to fungus, infections and keep your goldfish’s slime coat in good condition.

Some keepers use aquarium salts on a regular basis to raise and lower salinity levels for optimum immune support. Other keepers utilize aquarium salt on an "as-needed basis" as when transporting a new fish, or, for treating specific issues.
Leopard Geckos (eublepharis macularius) are native to regions of Pakistan, Northern India, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. An average adult’s length can range from 7-9 inches and they have a lifespan of up to 18 years.

Cool Facts About Leopard Geckos

General Information

All in-store leopard geckos are from captive born and bred sources.
Leopard Geckos continue to be one of the most popular geckos because of their easy care, docile nature and a wide variety of morphs available. Unlike other geckos, Leopard Geckos are able to open and close their eyes.

They are typically active during dusk and dawn hours but move about during the daytime too. Leopard Geckos do shed their skin and their tails are fragile so be careful when you hold them.

General Care


A 10-gallon aquarium with a vented lid is recommended for one Leopard Gecko. If you are housing two or more together, a 20-gallon aquarium is needed. Males will need to be housed separately.


Depending on the age and length of your gecko, use sand, reptile carpet or paper. If you use an under tank heating pad, be sure to have reptile carpet underneath your substrate (sand) to protect your geckos from lying on the heated glass.


Decorate aquarium with non-toxic plants, branches, logs, and cork. Include small hiding places for your gecko. Also, include dampened sphagnum moss in the hiding spot to help with shedding and keep them hydrated by misting with dechlorinated water 2-3 times per week (keep in mind relative humidity/time of year).


The temperature during the day should be kept around 80-82° F with a warm area 85-90° F. Night temperature can be as low as 70° F. Humidity levels should be kept low beside the hiding spot. Keep the hiding spot around 80° F.

We recommend an under tank heater for controlling the cage temperature as these nocturnal geckos do not typically bask under a heat lamp.


Leopard Geckos need 10-12 hours of light per day to regulate a day/night environment. Use a lamp timer to help keep you both on a regular schedule.

Since Leopard Geckos are nocturnal, they do not require UVB lighting. However, there are studies reporting on the benefits of low-level exposure to UVB.

Leopard Geckos in their natural habitat are exposed to UVB over short periods, however, since they absorb UVB at a higher rate than diurnal reptiles-providing UVB on a daily or short-term basis is not recommended. In short, no UVB required.

Regular household light bulbs can be used to boost heat and provide light - wattage is determined by the ambient room temperature where the gecko is housed. Reptile specific UVA light bulbs provide an extended-spectrum that allow reptiles to see more clearly in their environment.

Some hobbyists argue that since they are nocturnal, this is unnecessary, while others argue that their geckos are active during parts of the day and do benefit from the added UVA spectrum.

Food and Water

Provide clean, fresh chlorine-free water in a shallow bowl that cannot be tipped over. Feed your adult Leopard Gecko every two to three days. Juvenile Leopard Geckos will eat small crickets and mealworms daily.

The juveniles will eat medium-sized crickets, mealworms and wax worms. Adults will eat large crickets, wax worms, mealworms, and pinkie mice. Dust crickets lightly with vitamins and powdered calcium supplement every other feeding.

Juvenile leopard geckos should be lightly misted twice weekly to help them shed their skin.
Betta's are wonderful fish for the beginner or advanced keeper. Being hardy, interactive, forgiving and great companions are only a few of their positive attributes.

Siamese Fighting Fish Also Known As Betta


  • Social and interactive
  • Can jump out of their tanks
  • Sleep and rest on plants (and shock you!)
  • Males create surface bubbles to attract female egg layers
  • Surface breathers
  • Average Lifespan: 2-3 years
  • One betta per set-up. Betta’s are territorial – though female round tails can co-habitat community tanks.
  • When possible, it is best to have your tank or bowl set-up before bringing your new betta home.


  1. Rinse your tank/bowl, gravel and accessories well. Do not use any type of cleaner including soap. If necessary, you can dissolve aquarium salt in warm water and use this to soak and scrub out the tank or bowl. This is advised if the set-up was used by another betta fish.
  2. Consider using aquarium salt in your first water set-up to off-set stress-related reactions.
  3. Fill a container with enough water to fill the tank/bowl. Make sure the water isn’t too cold. Add water conditioner (a dechlorinator) and fill your tank/bowl.
  4. Allow the water to come to room temperature.
  5. Float your betta in its travel bag in the water for 10 minutes and release.
  6. Place your betta in an area that protects it from direct heat, sun or cold, but in an area where he/she can have interaction. They are social and curious.


  1. Feed your betta fish two times per day following the manufacturer's directions.
  2. Feed your betta by adding pellets one at a time and watching to see how many they are actively eating. Don’t over or underfeed. Generally, most betta fishes will eat an average of 4-8 pellets per day.


  1. Partial water changes are recommended every 5-7 days with a full water change every 10-14 days. This is also dependent on the tank/bowl that is used to house your betta fish. Partial water changes allow for reducing ammonia and nitrate wastes. Even though your water may look clean, it can have high levels of ammonia.
  2. A partial water change means that your remove ¼ of the water from the tank/bowl and replace it with fresh dechlorinated water that has come to room temperature before being added.
  3. A full tank/bowl clean will mean following the same steps as a set-up. However, you’ll be removing your betta fish from the tank/bowl using a net or a cup and placing it in a holding container. Remember to add a portion of the water your betta fish was kept in during cleaning. This water does have beneficial bacteria present in it that contributes to a healthy bowl/tank.


  1. As tropical fish, betta's do not respond well when their water temperatures are too cold. Keep them protected from drafts and cold temperatures by placing them in warmer areas. Consider a betta bowl pad heater during the colder winter months. Complications from cold can reduce their immune system and make them susceptible to fungus.
  2. Betta vacation food is available for absent feeding.

Using an aquarium salt can support the immune response and prevent susceptibility to fungus, infections and keep your betta's slime coat in good condition. Some keepers use aquarium salts on a regular basis to raise and lower salinity levels for optimum immune support.

Other keepers utilize aquarium salt on an "as-needed basis" as when transporting a new fish, or, for treating specific issues.
There are three main varieties of Guinea Pigs and all come in an assortment of colours and personalities. The Smooth Coated or English has short, fine and straight hair. An Abyssinian has a rougher coat with wiry rosettes or whorls resembling a bad hair day.

Guniea Pigs  Care And Feeding

Peruvian guinea pigs sport long, straight and silky hair. Wonderful if you are committed to extra grooming and brushing.

General Information

Guinea Pigs are easy to care for and fast become interactive members of their families. They have cheerful vocal squeaks, especially if its dinnertime. They are diurnal, require vitamin c supplements daily and live on average 5 years.

Extra-large cages are best for guinea pigs since they do running laps for exercise. Gentle and regular handling conditions them to be picked up and held. Keep them in an area where they can see what’s going on and conditioned to the noises and activities of your home they are happiest that way.

Being social, you may want to consider a companion. Littermates are usually a best match (opposite sexes) but some do accept other guinea pigs if they are at a young age. They may be housed together or prefer to have their own cage for sleeping and eating. Some owners create community run-out pens from separate cages.


Although Guinea Pigs may seem skittish, they are curious and quickly become used to regular household activities and pets. They are non-aggressive and respond to gentle supportive handling.


  1. Guinea Pigs are moderately larger and active. They require much larger habitats than those for hamsters or gerbils.
  2. Pick a plastic, metal or wire enclosure (not glass) that gives good ventilation. The top can be open (if at least 10 inches) and he/she is safe from other pets. Guinea Pigs don’t climb.
  3. Provide a hide for her/him to retreat to or sleep.
  4. Rotate or update chew toys for busywork.
  5. Provide a safe playpen with ramps, platforms and levels for curiosity play (no open wheels) and PVC tubing seems to be a favourite.
  6. The cage floor should be solid and bedding choices include aspen shavings or paper beddings. Pine is acceptable but cedar is to be avoided due to irritating oils and vapour.
  7. Place your guinea pig in cooler areas and away from direct sunlight and heat.


  1. Water sipper bottle (cleaned and rinsed regularly)
  2. Guinea pigs can be heavy drinkers, so check the water level every day
  3. Use heavier food bowls that won’t be knocked over easily.
  4. Provide Vitamin C fresh foods (since GP’s don’t produce Vit. C)
  5. o carrot tops, parsley, broccoli leaves, dandelion greens, collard greens, beet greens, kale, apple (seeds removed) orange slices, strawberries and more. Concentrate on greens and fruits as treats. No lettuce such as iceberg, rhubarb, nuts, potato, celery stalks, salty foods or sugared foods.

  6. Provide fresh portions of a pelleted diet and Timothy Hay daily (no Alfalfa since this is high in calcium) to aid digestion and teeth grinding.

  7. Introduce new foods in small quantities, especially when switching food brands.
  8. When young, introduce new foods slowly in small quantities so they don’t develop food aversions.


  1. Your guinea pig will likely use one area of the habitat to urinate in. You can spot clean and put fresh bedding in this area regularly.
  2. At least once a week (especially in summer) wash out the cage with hot soapy water, use diluted bleach if necessary and rinse well.
  3. Wash dishes and water bottles regularly.
  4. Monitor nails and clip when getting long.
  5. Provide chew toys, hides.


  • If your guinea pig is squirmy whilst you are holding her/him – it might be a bathroom break warning. The guinea pig will do anything not to urinate in public, so put her/him back in the cage for a few private minutes.
  • Take your guinea pig out of the cage head first and return them to the cage bottom first. This reduces wiggling and potential drops.
  • Guinea pig doesn’t survive most falls, so supervise smaller children and have them sit when holding her/him.
  • A male guinea pig can be neutered if needed. It’s a simple procedure.
Many of you are doesn't aware of Forex. Well, Forex is the foreign exchange market trades currencies (currency, forex). It let you buy and sell currencies to several banks and institutions.

Foreign Exchange Market Definition

I think you people have understood what buy and sell currencies mean? Buy and sell currencies signifies foreign exchange market, by selling or buying currencies it helps to international trade and investment.

A foreign exchange market helps businesses convert one currency to another.  For Example, you can do business to import any foreign goods in their own currency. Even you can do business and earn income.

In a typical foreign exchange transaction, a party purchases a quantity of one currency by paying a quantity of another currency.

With the help of Forex, currencies are traded against one another. Each pair of currencies thus constitutes an individual product and is traditionally noted.

Impact of Forex on an individual: The current foreign exchange rate will have an immediate impact on anyone who travels to another country for business. Based on the current rate of exchange, one may find that the travel funds will buy more or buy less in the way of goods and services.

Conclusion: Forex can be positive or negative for any given country and its citizens, depending on the circumstances. One important factor to note is that forex is in a constant state of flux, which means that if you are not happy with the rate of exchange today, you can anticipate some difference in the forex a month from now.
First of all, put this in your mind that there is no way to earn money without working. Many of you think that they can make money online instantly and live a luxurious life, but it's not true. Today, there are lots of ways to earn money, especially on the internet.

Earn Money Online With Real Ways

Making money on the internet is sounds to easy if you hear it the first time, but it's not really easy job. Today, money lies on the internet, you just need to find the correct job and work for it. There are so many methods to make money online, I am sharing 6 ways to earn money online.

1. Create your own blog or website
Today, blogs are making huge money. For this, you need to create your own blog by signing for free at blogger.com or you can have your own self hosted WordPress blog. Once you have your own blog, put ads from Google Adsense or media.net.

You can make money if anyone clicks on your ads. After putting ads on your blog, write quality contents and promote your contents in social bookmarking sites, like digg.com and twitter.

2. Sell your artworks online
If you are a designer or web developer then you can sell your artworks online. You can sell anything, themes related to blogger, WordPress, VBulletin, PhpBB etc. Even you can put your artwork on eBay. You can try because it's very easy to make money with your artistic side.

3. Help others sell online
You can ask your friends or family to sell something for them. By selling other products you can ask for a percentage of the profit of course. For this, you can use eBay and Amazon.com.

4. Create a classified ads website
If you have a website or blog, you can put up your own classified ads right in your website by using pre-installed tools or by using WordPress blog Ads plugins. If your blog is getting thousands of readers, then you can offer classified ads.

5. Tutoring Service Online
If you are tutor then you can put up an ad in Craigslist.com or in your blog or website offering a lesson online. You can do this by Private or set up a private class.

6. Write Online and earn extra cash
If you are a blogger, then you might be interested in writing articles. You can write articles for others too, for this they will pay you. You can write anything like help guides or simple articles.

If you want more information regarding how to make money online, then don't forget to check our Make Money category.
There are lots of people who have started focusing on technology, many people are using the internet to make money online.

A Way To Make Money Online

On the internet, you can find many different types and categories of jobs available, which may be helpful in earning money if it is done in a systematic way.

Let's talk about the internet-oriented business, many of us think that everybody fakes and does not give money. In most cases, we see the online jobs are fakes or called it as frauds.

But certainly, there are few companies who are paying correctly every month to their online publishers. Sounds tricky, yes it is true. There are few companies who are really paying to their online publishers.

If you are thinking to do online jobs, then the main things that you must keep in mind are the popularity of the company which is offering the online job.

When you are going for the online job the main thing you must keep in mind is the popularity of the company which is offering the online job. If the company is reputed like yahoo, Google etc, then you can trust them they will pay you.

On the vice versa, if you have selected any unknown company then the work done by you will always go begging, you can't earn anything from them.

3 Main things that you should keep in mind before starting an online business:

  1. Check the popularity and the reputation of the company.
  2. Search about the company.
  3. Read the FAQ section of the company which offers the Job and gather clear detail regarding the area and scope of the business.

Now I am going to tell you some of the ways which most people’s tell legal and well worthy in the online business.


Blogging is one of the most popular areas to make money online. In this area, your ideas and thoughts count and make eligible to earn online. Today the marketing people use your blogs to post or advertise their products.

Whenever a person visiting your blog in search of your ideas and contents then there is a great chance for them to get a lead. You can make money if your blog gets the number of views, or for each click on the ads, you will get a share of the amount.

Therefore, if you are interested in blogging and have a blog this method can help you to make money online. And remember, Nothing can be earned at ease so you need to put some effort at the beginning to earn your income.

Articles Submission

As I said in method 1, that your ideas and thoughts counts, you can also write posts and submit to reputed sites and earn income. They will pay you on the basis of the quality of your articles. If you submit good quality, then there is more chances to get maximum revenue.

Video Submission

This is another best way to make money online. When you have videos then you can able to upload your videos. In return, the publishing website will pay you for the views your videos get. If you upload any unique video then the views will be more thus, you will get a good return.
Choosing the right web hosting provider is very important for any webmaster. While choosing a good web hosting company for your website you should not make cuts in your budget.

Plenty Of Web Hosting Providers

As time passes the visitors on your website increases, if you don't have the best web hosting then your site may suffer huge downtime.

According to SEO, getting huge downtime is not good for your website. You may lose your visitors and there are lots of chances that Googlebot and its friends will shun your site. So, I am providing some tips to choose the perfect web hosting for your website:

1. You should select a fast host with modern servers and high-bandwidth connections.

2. Use Linux for hosting unless other needs dictate otherwise.

3. Look for flexibility and decent support arrangements.

4. Do consider multiple-domain hosting packages.

5. Choose a host with servers in the country where most of your customers live.

6. Choose a reliable host that demonstrably minimizes downtime.

Therefore, if you are ready to purchase a best and perfect web hosting, then you can choose Khownhost, they provide web hosting with VPS on affordable price.
You should have to look for the on-site and in-site optimization of the website when trying to optimize it for the search engines, but many people overlook one of the main factors that determine the SEO and website rankings a lot.

Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings

The web host affects the way a search engine crawls and determines the power of the website. There are quite a few things to keep in mind while selecting a good web hosting for their website if they have to care for the SEO and SERPs.

Location of the web host

One of the reasons is the Web hosting location, as Google is one of the main search engines which also looks for the load time of the website, and if the location of web host is far enough from the IP address of the user, the indexing is not done properly, degrading the value of the website.

Bad Neighbours

The search engine optimization value of your website also depends on the other websites which are present on the same IP address, when you are on shared hosting. When any site on the shared server is penalized, this affects your website too as both lies adjacent to each other.

Until you prove that your website is a genuine and original one, the tag of having bad neighbours and being under the eye would stay. The only way out of this is to ask for multiple ID address usage from the hosting company or to go for a dedicated IP address for your website.

Downtime issues

If your website keeps disappearing and gets server load issues frequently, this would affect your website value big time. As the website is down, the search engine robots find it hard to index the pages and content.

This not just makes you lose the short term traffic when the site is down, but the long term traffic from search engines is too lost as the content is not well-indexed, affecting the rankings in search results pages.

Upgradation of hosting software

Usually, the hosting software gets the updates regularly, and just like the computer tools, the updates are necessary as the performance of the website is highly affected if the timely updates are not carried out. Sticking to the old software when a new version is released works two-fold against the website.

Server load speed

Most of the SEOs experimented on this and claimed that one of the factors in the ranking algorithm of the search engines, is the speed of the server and the speed with which the website loads.

Making a visitor wait for long till the page loads, is not accepted by the search engines. Of the two pages with content of almost similar value, the search engines consider the faster load speed website as the better one.

Spending loads of budget on the traffic and promotion, and then not considering putting some efforts and a good budget for hosting is a common mistake by the webmasters, and the entire promotion and SEO strategies go into vain.

Banned IP addresses

Many times, unknowingly you buy the hosting from the cheap hosting companies and they try to sell you the hosting in IP addresses which were previously banned in search engines.

You may not be aware of this fact, so it’s better to check for the reliability of the host before selecting one when you have a list of those who sell it well under the budget.

Error pages

Don’t forget to make a 503 error page, so that once the host is down any time the website shows a status of being temporarily unavailable, or by default, the web host would show a 404 error page which removes the entire page from the search index, as the 404 error indicates the search engines that the page no longer exists.

When spending, just don’t spend something by blindly trusting the web hosts. You can be spoofed anywhere. Check for the reliability of the host, and spend a little more to buy a dedicated IP for your website and avoid any risks caused due to neighbouring websites.
An operating system is a software application that provides an interface to the user using a computer. There are different types of the operating system; some of the popular ones are Linux, Windows, UNIX and Macintosh.

Fix The Error Loading Operating System Issue

The latest version of the Windows operating system is the Windows 10 version. The new version is packed with some of the features that the previous versions, Windows XP and Windows Vista lacked.

There are several reasons why a user may face loading issues with an operating system. An operating system is a complex software application that is connected to several other components of a computer, its main job is to coordinate and control the different aspects of a computer. This makes the operating system susceptible to errors.

Common Reasons for Error while Loading Operating System

Some of the reasons why you can get an error when loading an operating system are:

  • The computer’s BIOS (basic input-output system) might not support the hard disk drive
  • An input or an output device is malfunctioning
  • The hard disk drive has errors
  • The RAM (Random Access Memory) is not working correctly, has hardware issues
  • The computer ROM is not working correctly
  • The operating system was not installed correctly
  • The hardware is incompatible with the operating system

You can identify and counter some of these problems with a troubleshooting manual provided with your operating system software packaging. You can also make use of the user manual provided with the operating system.

If you still have a problem, you can either call the manufacturer in the case of Windows and Mac or call a third-party service provider in case of Linux.

Some of the modern operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7 have system restore option and the option to restore the Boot Loader; a Boot Loader is a program that enables the operating system to load itself into the RAM of a computer.

This enables a user to do a reset to get back to working with an operating system that had errors and was refusing to be loaded on to a computer.

Error Loading Operating System Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest stable version of Windows released by Microsoft. Windows 7 has a simple installation process when compared with its predecessors. The easy to use installation and the new user interface have had a good impact with the Windows users.

Although Microsoft has tried to iron out many problems associated with this version of Windows, there are a few problems that are computer specific and the operating system is not responsible for it.

Preventive measures of Windows 7

Like most other operating systems, Windows 7 relies on stable hardware architecture to support it. Windows 7 goes a step further in ensuring smooth loading of the operating system by having a lighter kernel and lesser instructions that are loaded initially.

Windows 7 loaded only the basic drivers until the operating system is completely loaded. This ensures that faulty drivers do not cause an error when loading the operating system.

Despite all these features, there are many reasons why you can face problems loading Windows 7.

Some of the reasons and the solutions are given below:

Insufficient RAM

Reason and Solution: Windows 7 requires a certain amount of RAM memory to work properly. If you have insufficient memory, add additional RAM and reload your operating system

Driver error

Reason and Solution: There are many drivers that are required for Windows 7 to load properly. If you are using a SCSI or a USB disk, ensure that you have their drivers installed and your BIOS accepts that hardware

Hard drive inconsistencies

Reason and Solution: This is also a problem that you might not immediately recognize. Bad sectors or hardware failure can lead to Windows 7 not able to load properly. You can change your hard disk drive and reload Windows 7

Error Loading Operating System Windows XP

Windows XP is a popular version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Microsoft discontinued its support for XP last year, but it is still used by many users. Windows XP was a lot less error-prone than Windows NT but had its share of problems. One of them was loading of the operating system.

Some of the problems faced when loading Windows XP are:

File system corruption

Reason and Solution: This could be because of hard drive errors and the file system errors

Hardware errors

Reason and Solution: This could be because of a hardware component malfunctioning.

Error Loading Operating System Windows Vista

Windows Vista had its own share of trouble with different components of a computer and had loading problems. Although, most of the problems were not serious; they were an instability factor and made the operating system less stable.

Some of the main problems were:

Registry errors

Reason and Solution: Registry errors stopped the operating system from loading. A system restore usually solved this problem.

Device drivers

Reason and Solution: Windows Vista faced many driver issues that sometimes prevented the operating system to load properly. Re-installing the drivers usually solved this issue.

Operating system bugs

Reason and Solution: Vista had several bugs that were still not rectified even after several updates. Certain software or settings trigger this bug and this ends up in loading problems

Error Loading Operating System VMware

VMware is virtualization software that enables you to run another operating system on the present one. Virtualization comes with several known and unknown problems.

Some of the problems with loading VMware are:

Unsupported operating system

Reason and Solution: Although most operating systems are supported by VMware, some of them aren’t. In that case, install a new operating system and reload VMware

Kernel errors

Reason and Solution: Your operating system kernel might not support virtualization. Contact your vendor or upgrade your kernel.
Windows 7 is the present OS from Microsoft and was released in two years before. But still, there are lots of Windows users who are migrating from XP or Vista to Windows 7, just because it's very advanced from other windows OS and have lots of new features introduced. Here, we are going to show you 7 tips and secrets to work in windows 7 more comfortably.

Windows 7 Tips And Secrets

1: Attach folder to Quick Launch bar which you often use

Windows 7 allows you to attach a folder to the Quick Launch bar. Just move your mouse over the desired folder, then click the right mouse button and just drag the folder to the taskbar. Windows 7 will automatically place it in the Quick Launch. To open a folder, simply right-click on it and select what you need.

2: Split your windows

Sometimes when you work in any application you want to open another window of this application. It is very simple (of course, necessary that the application is allowed to own multiple launches), simply press the Shift and click on the icon on the taskbar. Also, you can click the middle mouse button (without pressing the Shift).

3: Clean and clear image on the monitor

Windows 7 easily allows you to adjust the image on your monitor. Make text and pictures clear and very apparent everywhere, no matter where you work with your computer. Your laptop screen can display information well at work but at home, you can get darker than you want.

Adjust the display of text and pictures with two built-in applications. ClearType Text Tuning and Display Color Calibration. Just run cttune.exe and dccw.exe, or run these applications from the Control Panel.

4: Order on your taskbar

You can determine the order in which the icons will be placed on the taskbar. Just drag them with the mouse as you need. And for the first five icons, you can use the Quick Launch Buttons. For example, to run the first icon, press the Win + 1, for the second Win + 2, and so on.

5: Switching on the taskbar

When you need to run a shortcut on your taskbar, you can use the keyboard shortcut Win + T to toggle the taskbar. After that, choose the arrow keys you require an application and press Enter. To exit this menu, simply press the Esc.

6: Use BitLocker to protect data

BitLocker is used when you need to increase the security of your data. Windows 7 also has a feature BitLocker to Go, which allows you to protect your USB devices (flash drives, USB drives and other media).

In order to enable BitLocker, or BitLocker To Go, simply press the right mouse button on the device you want to encrypt (in Windows Explorer Windows), and select the option Turn on BitLocker.

7: Your personal support service users

All of us sooner or later encounter problems in the work of our Windows. Do not dive into painful thoughts about what you do. Windows 7 problems can be resolved with the new system of Windows Troubleshooting Platform.

You can access it easily. Just write Fix or Troubleshoot in the menu Start. In the list, you can find a solution to most problems.
Windows 7 released in the Year 2009, is popular Operating System by Microsoft™. Designed and developed for the relatively high-speed processor (1 GHz+), this is again a fine OS for the Computer fraternity. More emphasis is paid on smooth graphics and ease of use.

Most Commonly Reported Problems And Solutions With Windows 7

Overall the performance of this OS if fine, but still, there are some problems, which the user might face while working on it. Listed below are the most common problems (and their solution) a user may face while running this OS.

XP mode in Windows 7 doesn’t work

This is the most commonly occurring problem in Window 7. For compatibility purpose, Microsoft™ has provided a run time mode in Windows 7 in which the OS behaves like its predecessor Windows XP. This is particularly useful if user has an application that will only run on XP and won't budge for windows 7.


But this simulation mode has some limitation on the running environment (platform) like hardware assembly, BIOS setup etc. Microsoft™ has provided a piece of software that can check the compatibility issue, which can be downloaded from here.

This tool is called Hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV) detection tool and it checks whether the computer processor supports HAV and if the setting is enabled or not. So one needs to make sure that the processor supports this feature and its enable in the System’s BIOS setup.

Hibernation can’t be disabled

For all those who are not aware, Hibernation is processing in which instead of shutting the system down every now and then, user can just allow it to hibernate, which means the system is in inactive mode but not shut down.

It’s difficult to tell whether a system is hibernating or shut down by just looking at it since externally it makes no difference. But internally hibernation is quite faster than shutdown and restores all opened documents and application when switched on. In short system, the state is restored in hibernation but not in shutdown.


For some reason, people don’t want the system to hibernate and prefer shutting down instead. Its probably because every time they want to start fresh and don’t want the dependency of the previous session on current work, which might be due to memory leaks, system hangs, RAM clutters etc.

It has been a general observation that a restart restores the system to full vitality. Fortunately, a workaround is available to disable the hibernation feature. One needs to open the Windows registry editor called Regedit.

After opening regedit, browse to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power and set ‘HibernateEnabled’ to zero. This small exercise will disable hibernation as required.

System too slow or black screen errors

If after a fresh Windows 7 installation your systems is running too slow or you are getting frequent black screen errors then, you need to check your hardware compatibility issues. In general, a 1 GHz or faster processor, 2 GB or more RAM and 20 GB available hard disk space is a minimum possible requirement.

For detailed system requirement, Please visit Microsoft™ website here. A more comprehensive rule is that if your system runs Windows Vista well, then Windows 7 should also be a cakewalk!


There is a tool available at the Microsoft website which does a thorough system scan and foretells whether your system is fast and efficient enough to run Windows 7. This tool can be downloaded from here.

The registry, Antivirus and Automatic Updates

As with all other versions of Windows, Please make sure that the registry is tuned up and cleaned from time to time otherwise system will work lousily.


Proper Antivirus should be installed and updated regularly to prevent the systems from new and old threats pertaining to Malware and Virus.

Last but not the least Automatic updates should be turned on so that OS has all the latest patches and updates applied upon by default. These are basics preventive maintenance steps but work quite well in the long run.
Windows Vista comes with lots of new features. These new features take lots of system resources and thus the system becomes slower day by day.

Windows Vista Run Faster

We should avoid some features from which our windows can be faster than before. Below are some services which are useless, by disabling these services windows will be faster than before.

1. Disable indexing

Windows Vista’s real-time search option needs an index of the contents of your hard drive to be created and constantly updated. It reduces the search time and makes it faster.

But this index updating process automatically runs on the background which takes a good amount of system resource. Naturally, it will slow down the overall system performance.

Now you can configure and or disable this indexing feature. Open vista control panel and click system and maintenance than open the indexing options.

Here on the indexing options dialogue box, you can control which drives and folders it will index. By going to the advanced option you can also choose specific file types for indexing.

2. Stop Auto Start applications

Stop and disable unwanted auto startup items. These items unnecessary start automatically whenever Windows starts and reside in memory. To disable startup items go to windows defender then open tools followed by software explorer.

Now go down to the list and in the category box, click startup programs. Here you can disable unnecessary programs just by un-checking those.

3. Defragment Regularly

In general, fragmentation force your drive to do extra works which can slow down the system. Defragmentation rearranges all fragmented data and hard disk works faster and efficiently. It runs on a schedule and you can also start defragmentation manually.

4. Turn off visual effects

You can make Vista a bit faster by turning off visual effects. There are around 20 inbuilt visual effects are there in vista. You can unselect them manually one by one.

To change or disable visual effects open performance Information and tools from Start Menu or by going to control panel and open system and u maintenance, then click performance information and tools. Next click adjusts visual effects.

You may be prompted for admin password to apply the change. Here you can set adjust for be performance or you can manually disable effects.

5. Disable unwanted Services

In general, when you boot your Vista system, more than 100 services automatically started and works on background. These services consume lots of system resources and memory. But many of these services are not quite essential for general users.

You can stop and disable a few such services and which will definitely make your system faster. But, if you are not 100% sure never stop any service as it may crash your system. You can easily stop services like Bluetooth support service, automatic updates, automatic live update scheduler etc.

Steps to disable Vista Services:

  1. Go to start panel and open Run
  2. Type services.msc in the run box
  3. If you are prompted by a UAC box then just click continue.
  4. Now Right-click on the service you want to disable and choose to Stop the then disable it.

When you are done just reboot your system.
Search engine webmaster tools help you to submit your website and blog to the search engines. And the only purpose of writing this article is to let webmasters to easily increase their site traffic and visitors by submitting their websites and blogs to the search engines.

Free Google And Yahoo Search Engine Submission

This article will help users to submit their websites and blogs to search engines like:


Google is one of the most popular search engines, submitting your site to Google will increase the numbers of visitors of your websites and blogs. As the visitors on your site/blog increases, the Page Rank of your websites and blogs will also increase frequently. To submit your websites and blogs follow the below steps:

a.) Click here to submit your site/blog to Google.

b.) Just Log In using your Gmail Account.

c.) Click on Add a Site, Enter your Site then click on continue.

d.) Now you have to verify the ownership of your websites and blogs. There are two methods of verification i.e By Adding Meta Tag anywhere in the site home page or by uploading an HTML file to your server root.

I think Uploading the HTML file at server root will be the best method, because if we change our websites and blogs old theme then meta-tag present in the old theme will be lost, which means we have to add the meta tag in our new theme too.

e.) Once your site got verified, you can also use several tools present in Dashboard.


Yahoo is also a popular search engine, submitting your site to Yahoo will Increase the numbers of visitors of your websites and blogs. Yahoo is powered by Bing index, so by submitting website to Bing, your site will automatically be submitted to Yahoo. As the Visitors on your website increases, the Page Rank of your website will also increases. To submit your website and blog follow the below steps:

a.) Click here to submit your site/blog to Yahoo.

b.) Just click on Submit a Website or Webpage and add your site Link then click on Submit URL.

c.) Then login into your Yahoo Account. Once you Login you will be Redirected to Here.

d.) In Site Explorer Click on My Sites to see your websites and blogs Status.

I hope you completely learn how to submit a website for inclusion in the Google and Yahoo Search index.
The internet and its associated applications are fast becoming smarter and are evolving at a fast pace. The most recent trend among intelligent online applications is the ability to identify the users and automatically log in them without the user needing to give out any login information.

Premium Website And Internet Cookies

Sounds interesting right? Well, indeed the idea seems fresh and is seen to make the task at hand for most internet users easy and smoother than before.

Premium Cookies

The basic idea about the premium cookies is that they are a few essential website elements that come in as a part of certain websites hosting login services. The basic idea behind a premium cookie is to enable the browser or the website’s database to determine the user without actually asking for any input from the user end.

What this means is simple; it attempts to login into the appropriate user account by identifying browser and IP details rather than based on user input details. This not only makes the process easier for the user but also adds a bit of speed and smoothness to the whole process of going online.

Premium Cookie Injector

When it comes to premium cookies, the core idea is to keep the account logged on so as to facilitate the uninterrupted exchange of information from the client to the server. The most basic use of it comes to downloading large amounts of data from secured servers which require the users to log in.

Premium cookies play the saviour in these kinds of activities. In events of temporary of network failure, the premium cookies enable the browsers to carry forth the transfer as it automatically logs into the account.

Premium Cookie Injectors are coded as extensions in the browsers which help in real-time user login. The free version of Premium Cookie Injector is the popular browser extension that can be found on support systems for different websites again and again. Premium Cookies are now being supported by numerous websites as time is going on.

How to Use Premium Cookies

To begin this section, we first look into some of the most common examples of premium cookies:

  • 2X Filesonic Premium Accounts
  • 40X Filesonic Premium Cookies
  • 7x Hotfile Premium Cookies
  • 120X Wupload Premium Cookies
  • 3X Filesonic premium Accounts
  • 104X Wupload Premium Cookies
  • 11X Filesonic Premium Cookies
  • Rapidshare Premium Cookie
  • Megaupload Premium Cookie

These are considered major examples in this regard.
Many mobile phones are locked by the network providers since it enables the user to only use their mobile network in compliance to their call rates and SMS rates. It remains the same with Blackberry cell phones too.

Unlock BlackBerry Phones

You can never use any other SIM card in these locked phones and cannot obtain better mobile network from other such mobile network providers from them. These types of locked phones will be subjected to roaming charges too.

Advantages of unlocking Blackberry Cell phones

  • When you plan to unlock the Blackberry cell phone, you will be enjoying following privileges:
  • Free to use it with any mobile network provider as you wish
  • You can use any SIM card with the Blackberry phone and make use of any mobile network provider’s tariff rates, specially when you plan to go abroad
  • There are no roaming charges
  • Normally, resale value of your Blackberry cell phone increases if your phone is unlocked.

Unlock BlackBerry Cell Phones

First you need to identify that whether your phone is locked or not. All you have to do is, to borrow a SIM card of some other mobile network provider, from your friend and insert it in your Blackberry cell phone. If an error message is displayed, it shows to prove that your Blackberry cell phone is locked and if there is no display of error message, it shows that your phone is unlocked.

To unlock your Blackberry cell phone, you need to TURN OFF the wireless mode first to prevent the cell phone from becoming faulty or defective.

Scroll to the airplane icon and select it. The wireless mode will be turned off automatically.

Now, back to the unlocking procedure:

  • Select “options” menu and select “SIM card” option.
  • Type ALT-MEPD and don’t forget to hold ALT key while you type the four letters MEPD alone.
  • After that, release the ALT key. Now you should be shown a list with the following options- “SIM, Network, Network Subset, etc”
  • In order to select “Network” option, type ALT-MEPE
  • Now, release the ALT key and you should be asked for the code.
  • Enter your unlock code here.
Your Blackberry cell phone is unlocked now.

Alternative method to unlock BlackBerry Cell Phones

This method is recommended to be implemented with the same SIM card present in your Blackberry cell phone, at the moment and you are requested to not change it.

  • First go to “Settings” option and select "Options" menu.
  • Then select "Advanced Options" and go to the "SIM card."
  • Now type MEPD. Note- The text will not be shown to you as you type.
  • If it says "Network Active", it means that your Blackberry cell phone is locked.
  • Press the ALT key and type MEPE. Note- Once again the text will not be shown to you as you type.
  • It will ask you to "Enter Network MEP code". You have to key in the 16 digit unlock code and press the jog dial in order to confirm the code.

Your Blackberry cell phone is now unlocked completely.

To get an unlock code you need to contact some trusted dealer who sells it. Some websites might be offering these codes for free, but they are not genuine in nature. If you enter a wrong code, you lose an attempt since the maximum attempts to key in the MEP code is 10.

Unlockgenie.com is one website which offers unlock code at affordable price range and it has also got more good reviews from most of its customers. There are more vendors present online on the internet who provide unlock codes for Blackberry cell phones.


  1. You will loose BlackBerry warranty.
  2. Make sure to notice the terms and conditions, since some of these online retailers might give you back the money, if the code doesn’t work, but still some of them might never refund the amount.
  3. Have a check on the Blackberry cell phone model number and the IMEI number before you place an order on these websites.
For years people have the habit of customizing Windows to suit their requirements with the help of third-party tools. This is applicable to most of the applications; nevertheless.

Windows 7 Login Background

Microsoft has made its mind to release the customization of Windows Logon UI, on Windows 7. So, you don’t need any patches or hacks to customize your Windows Logon UI.

However, you still have to take up the manual process for this. So, let us now check out the process to change the Windows 7 logon background.


For this, first, you will have to go to the registry and move to the path specified below:


  • Once you have located this path, now look out for the DWORD value type OEMBAckground.
  • You should see a default value 0 there, so change it to 1 now.
  • Now locate the following folder
  • %windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds

Here put your wallpapers in this folder.

Bear in mind that if you don’t find this folder in registry, then create it for yourself and then continue with the procedure.
Moreover, wallpapers should be less than 256 KB. Plus, they should be in JPG/JPEG format.

Now check the snapshot here, add the images or replace the existing ones as describes below:

Windows 7 Login Background Image

The background default.jpg file will be detected automatically by Windows and if the resolution of the image is smaller, then it will be stretched to fit the screen. Also, if the image resolution is big then default background logon image of Windows 7 will be loaded.

So, now that you know how to change your Windows 7 logon background, then why not try it yourself?
I have compiled a list of useful SEO plugins for you. Just take a look at the list below:

SEO Plugins For WordPress


It’s a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have.

This is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation.

All in One SEO Pack

Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and also improve search engine optimization of your site.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will create a compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog. It supports all of the WordPress generated pages as well as custom ones.

SEO Super Comments

This Plugin basically creates a new dynamic page on the blog For each user comment, holding the actual comment information. The page will not actually exist in the WordPress database, but we will create it dynamically using a WordPress plugin.

Robots Meta

By default search engines crawl and index ALL the pages on your blog. This isn’t ideal, because it creates duplicate content and you can get yourself punished by search engines without knowing it.

What the Robots Meta plugin allows you to do is tell the search engines which sections of your blog to crawl. This means that you’ll get more respect from search engines, and likely more traffic.

Optimal Title

Optimal Title mirrors the function of wp title exactly but moves the position of the 'separator' to after the title rather than before. This allows you to have your blog name tacked on to the end of the page title instead of having it appear first.

Search Meter

Search Meter is an SEO based WordPress plugin which will help you keep your blog tracked on what your visitors want to read. If you have a Search box installed on your blog, then this plugin will automatically record what people are searching for and whether they are finding what they are looking for.

SEO Title Tag

SEO Title Tag makes it dead-easy to optimize the title tags across your WordPress blog or website. Not just your posts, not just your home page, but any and every title tag on your site.

If this plugin, along with a few hours of keyword research and copy-writing of optimized titles, doesn’t make a significant impact on your search traffic, you’re doing something wrong.

SEO Super Comments Plugin

This Plugin basically creates a new dynamic page on the blog For each user comment, holding the actual comment information. The page will not actually exist in the WordPress database, but we will create it dynamically using this WordPress plugin.

SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress optimization plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes. If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according to the options you set. Additionally, this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well.
A new WordPress blog comes with the anti-spam plugin and a couple of other plugins but that’s not enough for a blog to run well, with some options that may enhance the quality of the blog and even those which enhance the user experience. There need to be a few plugins installed as soon as you open a new blog.

5 Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Install

WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogging, one of the main reasons being the availability of thousands of plugins.

The plugins not only help to make the blog navigation better but also makes the visibility of the blog better in search engines and social networks. Here is a list of plugins that one should be installing on a new blog.

All in one SEO Pack

This is one of the best plugins around to put in, the meta tags of every single post page, making the title modified rather than the static title. And apart from that, it also helps in SEO of the blog, with meta description and keywords for the posting page.

To install, just go to the Plugins > Add New section and search for "all in one SEO" and install. To configure, go to the plugin settings section and enable the plugin and add the metadata for the blog, and the way you want the post page title to be shown.


Spam doesn’t end anywhere. WordPress blogs are a big victim of spamming, but the Akismet plugin which comes pre-installed is one of the best to combat the spammers. The best WordPress hosting is also essential for a new website.

It still would need an API key which you can get by having an account at wordpress.com free hosted blog service. Once you enter the API key, the plugin starts functioning.

Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are one of the essential parts of any blog or website, as it is the one which lists all the internal links of the blog, and one of the most frequently visited pages by Search engine spiders. Indexing becomes faster and better through these sitemaps.

The Google XML sitemaps plugin is one of the best for producing a well-formatted sitemap page for the WordPress blogs, as the page created is supported by most of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live Search and Ask.com.

After installation of the plugin, you need to just add the sitemap link to the footer.php of your theme, and add the sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

The Ultimate Google Analytics plugin

Tracking the visitors, the source of traffic and the search results is all that helps you develop the blog and modify it the way to bring in more visitors by implementing more strategies.

And for the traffic tracking, there is nothing better than Google Analytics. The Ultimate google analytics plugin helps integrate the Analytics service of Google into your WordPress blog.

Just install the plugin, set up the analytics account and website code in Analytics site, and copy the property ID from there. Paste the same in the plugin settings page for the plugin to run.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin

One of the safety measures for the WordPress blogs is to be updated with the latest version of the platform, thereby reducing the risk of an attack of hackers.

The WordPress automatic upgrade plugin helps you with the same, by automatically backing up the files, database and then downloading the updated version of WordPress, putting the site into maintenance mode, deactivating the plugins, upgrading the files and reactivating the plugins.

All being played safe, the plugin upgrades the WordPress platform in the smoothest way. There are many other types of plugins, but the above-mentioned ones are the most essential for any newly opened blog.
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language that has been around for a long time. Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a scripting language that was invented to make use of the advanced capabilities of the web.

HTML To PHP Converter

PHP helps in building dynamic web pages that enable you to make your content on the web more interactive and provide services to your end-users.

Many users around the world have been used to marking up text using HTML for the Internet and find it to be a little cumbersome to script using PHP. There are many instances where only PHP can be used and HTML cannot be used.

You can use a converter to convert your HTML markup into PHP. There are several tools available for download that does this job correctly.

You can also use an online converter. Many converters online are free to use and some advanced ones come with a less expensive price tag. One of the advantages of using a free online converter is that it enables you to convert your HTML without having to install anything to your computer.

Online converters are also much faster and less error-prone than the stand-alone ones which are not updated often and might be using an older version of PHP. Let us look at some of the best HTML to PHP converters available online.

HTML to PHP Converters

Andrew Davidson: This is a pretty neat online tool that works perfectly. All you have to do is enter your HTML code into the dialogue box provided and click on convert and let the tool do its job. This tool is completely free to use without any restrictions.

Quasarcr: This converter works very similar to the Andrew Davidson Converter. All you have to do is paste the HTML that you need to convert to PHP and the tool will do the rest.

Yellow pipe: A great online free tool which can convert your code snippets easily and fast.

Devshed: Fast and validated code converter.

Arigola Html To Php Converter: Fast download and easy to use.

So now write your codes easily in HTML and convert them to PHP equivalents within seconds and explore a new dimension of web programming.