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Blogger vs WordPress in 2023

It is stated that Blogging became very famous at some stage in the 90s. As increasing demand multiplied in providing blogging platforms, Blogger and WordPress were born.

Which one is better between Blogger and WordPress

Blogger and WordPress are two blogging platforms utilized by many people these days. But nevertheless many have confusion to select which one over the opposite for the reason that both have their own blessings and disadvantages.

The newbies regularly use Blogger and the experts use WordPress. So, right here is an assessment of elements approximately blogger and WordPress.


  1. You shouldn't be an expert in HTML or CSS to have a weblog using Blogger.
  2. It is absolutely free and has an unlimited server facility that permits you to host every unmarried page at no additional cost.
  3. You can run it from the standard internet browser and also you don’t want to install anything.
  4. Very clean to use and has a miles less complicated navigation facility.
  5. Their new tools furnished then and there's of very much assist to their customers to personalize their contents on their respective blogs.


  1. WordPress has a desire between loose [www.Wordpress.Com] and paid model [www.Wordpress.Org]. The loose model wishes for no separate WordPress hosting and domain but the top-rate paid model has to be established in a separate website hosting provider website and needs to possess a site too.
  2. The navigation and the interface are very clean to use and the consumer receives snug the use of it more and more.
  3. It affords a statistics device an element, which is considered to be an added advantage.
  4. It has pleasant search engine marketing tools which might be more efficient than any other blogging platform and offer advanced and improved positions within the search engine results.
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  1. When in comparison in their customer service efficiency, WordPress gets the first vicinity with an extra variety of topics to help its users whereas Blogger has only some topics to help its users.
  2. Bloggers can be without difficulty used and created by way of Google users. They can add Adsense to their money owed and earn some money too.
  3. WordPress gives extra templates to select from and has quite a few widgets too. It also allows adding more pages like those of a contact web page, about the web page, and greater such.
  4. Both Blogger and WordPress provide to add a video.
  5. With all those evaluation stuff said, it is as much as the user to decide on the pleasant blogging platform to start their blog on the net because each Blogger and WordPress have their own capabilities and elements that might entice different human beings.

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