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Difference Between Unlocking and Jailbreaking iPhone

With the launch of the App Store, the applications that were to run on the iOS platform for the phones needed to have the digital signatures of the company, in other words, had to come from official catalogs for the App store.

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone

Now a way out of the limitations, some brilliant iPhone users have given birth to the processes of unlocking and jailbreaking iPhones.

What is Unlocking iPhone?

Now coming over to the first part of the topic, we look into Apple’s policy of controlling the carriers that the iPhone works with; this is a way of bringing in revenue for the company by tie-ups with specific service providers which gives connectivity to the devices.

And as the words suggest, lifting the control that Apple puts over the selection of service providers is what unlocking is all about. Although some of the services are specific to certain networks exclusively, most of the other features work seamlessly over other networks or service providers as well.

This not only allows flexibility but also gives more control to the users and better coverage when it comes to certain networks.

What is Jailbreaking iPhone?

As told above, the number and kinds of applications that can be run on an iPhone have one limitation that is it needs to be digitally approved by Apple; in other words, they need to be coming from the catalogs of the Apple App Store.

But, behind the scenes, a lot of applications never make it to the App Store; the reason being rejected by Apple is due to several underlying reasons.

Unlocking vs Jailbreaking iPhone

File System Access

Jailbreaking actually makes the iPhone file system openly accessible to you so that you can use any standard file access protocols, like SFTP, AFP, etc. to manipulate the core iPhone files. But unlocking iPhone only gives you the capability to use GSM sim cards from any other network service providers all over the world.

Unix Commands Access

As you get root access to your phone through SSH and other Unix commands, jailbreaking allows you to install any third-party software on your iPhone which are not even available in the Apple store; which is not possible by only unlocking the iPhone.

Voids Apple Warranty

Both processes void the Apple warranty for your product. Only in very few places like Hong Kong, you can retain your Apple warranty by unlocking it as their manufacturers sell iPhones in unlocked mode only. jailbreaking voids Apple warranty everywhere.

But, these applications are available for download through a variety of links on the World Wide Web. But to make them run, one needs to lift Apple’s control on running certified applications.

And a way to do so is with tools like Jailbreakme, Cydia, RedSn0w, etc which lifts the control making the device able to run the uncertified app that is available through services like Cydia (a leading alternative app store for iOS apps).

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