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Essential WordPress Plugins for New Blog and Website

A new WordPress blog or website comes with the anti-spam plugin and a couple of other plugins but that’s not enough for a site or blog to run well, with some options that may enhance the quality of the blog and even enhance the user experience. There need to be a few plugins installed as soon as you open a new blog.

Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Install

WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogging, one of the main reasons being the availability of thousands of plugins and WordPress developer freelancers on different freelance marketplaces.

The plugins not only help to make the blog or site navigation better but also makes the visibility of the website better in search engines and social networks. Here is a list of plugins that should be installed on a new blog or site.

All-in-one SEO Pack

This is one of the best plugins around to put in, the meta tags of every single post page, making the title modified rather than the static title. And apart from that, it also has SEO (search engine optimization) of the blog, with meta description and keywords for the posting page.

To install, just go to the Plugins > Add New section and search for "all in one SEO" and install. To configure, go to the plugin settings section and enable the plugin and add the metadata for the blog, and the way you want the post page title to be shown.


Spam doesn’t end anywhere. WordPress blogs are a big victim of spamming, but the Akismet plugin which comes pre-installed is one of the best to combat the spammers. The best WordPress hosting is also essential for a new website.

It still would need an API key which you can get by having an account at wordpress.com free hosted blog service. Once you enter the API key, the plugin starts functioning.

Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are one of the essential parts of any blog or website, they list all the internal links of the blog, and are one of the most frequently visited pages by search engine spiders. Indexing becomes faster and better through these sitemaps.

The google XML sitemaps plugin is one of the best for producing a well-formatted sitemap page for WordPress blogs, as the page created is supported by most of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Live Search, and Ask.com.

After installation of the plugin, you need to just add the sitemap link to the footer.php of your theme, and add the sitemap to google webmaster tools.

The Ultimate Google Analytics plugin

Tracking the visitors, the source of traffic, and the search results are all that help you develop the blog and modify it the way to bring in more visitors by implementing more strategies.

And for traffic tracking, there is nothing better than Google Analytics. The ultimate google analytics plugin helps integrate the analytics service of google into your WordPress blog.

Just install the plugin, set up the analytics account and website code in the Analytics site, and copy the property ID from there. Paste the same in the plugin settings page for the plugin to run.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin

One of the safety measures for WordPress blogs is to be updated with the latest version of the platform, thereby reducing the risk of an attack by hackers.

The WordPress automatic upgrade plugin helps you with the same, by automatically backing up the files, and database and then downloading the updated version of WordPress, putting the site into maintenance mode, deactivating the plugins, upgrading the files, and reactivating the plugins.

All being played safe, the plugin upgrades the WordPress platform most smoothly. There are many other types of plugins, but the above-mentioned ones are the most essential for any newly opened blog or website.

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