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How Bad Web Hosting Affects Site Search Engine Optimization

You should have to look for the on-site and in-site optimization of the website when trying to optimize it for the search engines, but many people overlook one of the main factors that determine the SEO and website rankings a lot.

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The web host affects the way a search engine crawls and determines the power of the website. There are quite a few things to keep in mind while selecting a good web hosting for their website if they have to care for SEO and SERPs.

Location of the web host

One of the reasons is the Web hosting location, as Google is one of the main search engines which also looks for the load time of the website, and if the location of the web host is far enough from the IP address of the user, the indexing is not done properly, degrading the value of the website.

Bad Neighbours

The search engine optimization value of your website also depends on the other websites which are present on the same IP address, when you are on shared hosting. When any site on the shared server is penalized, this affects your website too as both lies adjacent to each other.

Until you prove that your website is a genuine and original one, the tag of having bad neighbors and being under the eye would stay. The only way out of this is to ask for multiple ID address usage from the hosting company or to go for a dedicated IP address for your website.

Downtime issues

If your website keeps disappearing and gets server load issues frequently, this would affect your website value big time. As the website is down, search engine robots find it hard to index the pages and content.

This not just makes you lose short-term traffic when the site is down, but the long-term traffic from search engines is too lost as the content is not well-indexed, affecting the rankings in search results pages.

Upgradation of hosting software

Usually, the hosting software gets the updates regularly, and just like the computer tools, the updates are necessary as the performance of the website is highly affected if timely updates are not carried out. Sticking to the old software when a new version is released works two-fold against the website.

Server load speed

Most of the SEOs experimented with this and claimed that one of the factors in the ranking algorithm of the search engines, is the speed of the server and the speed with which the website loads.

Making a visitor wait for long till the page loads, is not accepted by the search engines. Of the two pages with content of almost similar value, the search engines consider the faster load speed website as the better one.

Spending loads of budget on traffic and promotion, and then not considering putting some effort and a good budget for hosting is a common mistake by webmasters, and the entire promotion and SEO strategies go into vain.

Banned IP addresses

Many times, unknowingly you buy the hosting from cheap hosting companies and they try to sell you the hosting in IP addresses that were previously banned in search engines.

You may not be aware of this fact, so it’s better to check for the reliability of the host before selecting one when you have a list of those who sell it well under the budget.

Error pages

Don’t forget to make a 503 error page, so that once the host is down any time the website shows a status of being temporarily unavailable, or by default, the web host would show a 404 error page which removes the entire page from the search index, as the 404 error indicates the search engines that the page no longer exists.

When spending, just don’t spend something by blindly trusting the web hosts. You can be spoofed anywhere. Check for the reliability of the host, and spend a little more to buy a dedicated IP for your website and avoid any risks caused due to neighboring websites.

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