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How to Make Money Online with SEO in 2023

There are lots of users who have started internet home business, by spending lots of money on solo ezine ads, PPC ads, and so-called leads. But the results were pretty average and not worth the money spent.

Earn Money Online With SEO

So, here I am sharing some ideas to utilize free methods of marketing your websites with the help of SEO. This means a greater profit outcome and often better traffic rates in the long term. So become an SEO expert and start dominating in this field.

SEO (search engine optimizing) is just to optimize your website or blog with the effective placement of keywords and undertaking a linking campaign to increase the number of backlinks to your site.

This increases your ranking in the search engines, with the aim being to get on page 1 for your keyword phrase. If you can get on page 1 for your keyword, you will have lots of people clicking on your listing and visiting your site. Provided that you maintain this position, you can earn money with this particular keyword definitely.

The first step in your SEO campaign is keyword research. Once you have your list of keywords, go to your favourite keyword suggestion tool and start entering your phrases into the tool. Each time you enter a phrase, it will give you a heap of other related keyword phrases as possible options.

You should always target low-competition phrases that have had about 1000 searches in the past month. Then enter the phrase into the main three search engines, within inverted commas, to see how many others competing for sites there are for this term.

On-page optimization is the work that you do on the actual web page itself. You need to do is place your keyword phrase in your URL, in the title tag of the page, in the description tag and in the keywords tag.

Then sprinkle your keywords in the body of the text, in the first and last paragraphs, and make sure that you bold, underline or italicize the keyword phrase to give it more emphasis in the search engines.

Once you have implemented all the steps of your SEO campaign, keep adding more and more pages to your web site, targeting good keyword phrases, and continue getting more links pointing back to your site.

The results and the pay-off are definitely worth it. There’s nothing better than getting highly-targeted, free traffic from the search engines and earning free money online.

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