How to Unlock a BlackBerry

Many mobile phones are locked by the network providers since it enables the user to only use their mobile network in compliance to their call rates and SMS rates. It remains the same with Blackberry cell phones too.

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You can never use any other SIM card in these locked phones and cannot obtain better mobile network from other such mobile network providers from them. These types of locked phones will be subjected to roaming charges too.

Advantages of unlocking Blackberry Cell phones

  • When you plan to unlock the Blackberry cell phone, you will be enjoying following privileges:
  • Free to use it with any mobile network provider as you wish
  • You can use any SIM card with the Blackberry phone and make use of any mobile network provider’s tariff rates, specially when you plan to go abroad
  • There are no roaming charges
  • Normally, resale value of your Blackberry cell phone increases if your phone is unlocked.

Unlock BlackBerry Cell Phones

First you need to identify that whether your phone is locked or not. All you have to do is, to borrow a SIM card of some other mobile network provider, from your friend and insert it in your Blackberry cell phone. If an error message is displayed, it shows to prove that your Blackberry cell phone is locked and if there is no display of error message, it shows that your phone is unlocked.

To unlock your Blackberry cell phone, you need to TURN OFF the wireless mode first to prevent the cell phone from becoming faulty or defective.

Scroll to the airplane icon and select it. The wireless mode will be turned off automatically.

Now, back to the unlocking procedure:

  • Select “options” menu and select “SIM card” option.
  • Type ALT-MEPD and don’t forget to hold ALT key while you type the four letters MEPD alone.
  • After that, release the ALT key. Now you should be shown a list with the following options- “SIM, Network, Network Subset, etc”
  • In order to select “Network” option, type ALT-MEPE
  • Now, release the ALT key and you should be asked for the code.
  • Enter your unlock code here.
Your Blackberry cell phone is unlocked now.

Alternative method to unlock BlackBerry Cell Phones

This method is recommended to be implemented with the same SIM card present in your Blackberry cell phone, at the moment and you are requested to not change it.

  • First go to “Settings” option and select "Options" menu.
  • Then select "Advanced Options" and go to the "SIM card."
  • Now type MEPD. Note- The text will not be shown to you as you type.
  • If it says "Network Active", it means that your Blackberry cell phone is locked.
  • Press the ALT key and type MEPE. Note- Once again the text will not be shown to you as you type.
  • It will ask you to "Enter Network MEP code". You have to key in the 16 digit unlock code and press the jog dial in order to confirm the code.

Your Blackberry cell phone is now unlocked completely.

To get an unlock code you need to contact some trusted dealer who sells it. Some websites might be offering these codes for free, but they are not genuine in nature. If you enter a wrong code, you lose an attempt since the maximum attempts to key in the MEP code is 10. is one website which offers unlock code at affordable price range and it has also got more good reviews from most of its customers. There are more vendors present online on the internet who provide unlock codes for Blackberry cell phones.


  1. You will loose BlackBerry warranty.
  2. Make sure to notice the terms and conditions, since some of these online retailers might give you back the money, if the code doesn’t work, but still some of them might never refund the amount.
  3. Have a check on the Blackberry cell phone model number and the IMEI number before you place an order on these websites.

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