Top 15 SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only thing that can help you to easily get the number of visitors to visit your WordPress website or blog. This process helps the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your web content and comprehend its relevance towards particular search queries.

All WordPress SEO Plugins

If you are running a blog or website using, here are some 15 valuable SEO plugins that will help you to select the precise tags, optimize the title of the posts and perform lots of other work related to SEO.

All in One SEO Pack

This plugin is said to be one among the most famous plugins made for WordPress. This plugin assists you in choosing the right keywords and post title and also helps you in preventing duplicate content and lots of others.

HeadSpace 2

This specific plugin lets you add particular JavaScript and CSS to the web pages, install all types of meta-data, recommends tags for all your posts and lots more.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin is considered to be a must-have in any wordpress blog. This plugin has the ability to create an XML sitemap that can be interpreted by MSN, Ask and Yahoo too.

Nofollow Case by Case

This plugin permits you to remove the "Nofollow" command from the comments, after which you can use it to only those comments that you don’t want to support any more.

Meta Robots WordPress plugin

This plugin adds robot metadata to the page that you select on your blog. You can employ it to avoid indexing of search pages, render your front page links into "no follows", immobilize date and author based archives, avoid indexing of the login page and various other aspects.

Platinum SEO plugin

This plugin provides you with various aspects such as auto-generation of META tags, automatic 301 redirects, post slug optimization and also assist you in preventing duplicate content too.

SEO for Paged Comments

When paged comments were introduced in WordPress 2.7, there appeared to be a problem with the search engines believing that you had duplicate content since the posts might come into view on every page. This plugin helps to get rid of this particular trouble.


You might have to move a page from one area to the other for various reasons, however, you might fear to lose the status of that particular page over the search results. This plugin assists you with 301 redirects, arranges an RSS feed for errors, acquires a log of 404s to enable you to correct them easily.

SEO Friendly Images

Images are said to be a good source of generating traffic to your blog or website since most people search for images of different topics. This plugin assists you in ensuring that possess "Title" and "ALT" tags on all the images present in your blog or website to help the search engines index them in a proper manner.

SEO Post Link

The post slug is nothing but the title of the blog that appears on the URL bar of the browser and if tends to very long in nature, search engines might not index them properly. This plugin includes a words list to cut down from the title whenever it turns into being a URL in order to make your post addresses to be friendly. You can set it as per your needs to cut needless words, characters and more.

SEO No Duplicate WordPress Plugin

If you have duplicate content on your blog or website, this plugin will permit you to affirm the post version that the search engines need to index while the rest of them are ignored.

SEO Smart Links

Interconnecting your blog will prove to be the better way to get the number of people to read your posts, however, it takes more amount of time to do it manually. This plugin helps you in this particular aspect. It automatically does the interlinking process for you when you tell the words that need to be linked to the precise URLs. It also helps you to set the "nofollow" command and "Open in window" command for those links.

SEO Title Tag

The tags present on your website or blog is considered to be very much important since it helps the search engine to know the exact place to put your posts and this plugin concentrates on this particular issue. This plugin will permit you to add tags to all your pages and even to any URL present on your website/blog.

SEO Tag Cloud Widget

Most people still use tag clouds. Ever since they were introduced, they are not that much search engine friendly. However, this plugin will help you to convert them into readable ones for the search engines.

Simple Tags

This is another famous plugin that helps you to select the best set of tags for all your posts by providing recommendations, auto-completion of tags, mass tag editing, an AJAX admin interface and lots others.

These were the top 15 SEO plugins for WordPress. Hope you find this information helpful.

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