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What is a Webinar and How does it work?

We live in an internet-savvy world where we would love everything to be done online whether it is an evening chat with your friend or developing your college project with online software tools. By this scenario companies worldwide are continuously offering new solutions to users that allow them to accomplish many tasks online which were once considered to be almost impossible.

Webinar Is Best Tool For Modern Day Marketing
Web conferencing has evolved into numerous multipurpose avatars and one of the most widely used ones among them today is webinars. But how many of you have heard of the term webinar? Do not get worried.

A webinar is simply a term coined by joining two very popular words i.e. Web and Seminar. So a webinar is, in fact, a web-based seminar.

One such solution is the evolution of web conferencing which allows real-time collaboration of individuals via audio and video transmission courtesy of the internet by making use of technologies like VOIP and so on. The participants of a web conference need not be in the same locality or in the fact not even on the same continent.

How does a Webinar Work?

It works on the same principle as that of web conferencing i.e. using technologies such as VOIP. Now it is assumed that all of you know what a seminar is. So a Webinar basically involves conducting online interactive sessions that will include workshops, presentations, lectures, and many more such activities.

Webinar vs Webcast

Webinars are different from webcasts even though several people will not agree with this fact. A webcast is more of like a one-sided session wherein a person broadcasts the audio and video signals of his presentation to multiple users.

At the same time using the internet but there is no or limited scope for a two-way interaction like feedback and questionnaire sessions. It is more akin to our radio transmission wherein users have to listen to whatever is coming out of the radio without raising any questions.

What does a Webinar offer?

A webinar, on the other hand, is much more interactive and offers facilities that are normally handed over to the audiences during a live seminar in a real-time environment wherein the speaker and the listeners are in the same room.

A webinar empowers the audience to respond with queries or objections in conjunction with the speaker's presentation and depending on the software used for webinars there are options for a particular listener to either publish his opinion under his own name or as an anonymous user thereby providing security of his or her identity in matters relating to sensitive issues.

Some webinars facilitate events such as real-time polling or voting schemes to help sort out differences with a majority favors who strategy.

So, in fact, a webinar is best suited for events like debates, political discussions, and events of such magnitude wherein the participants required for the event are scattered at remote locations and the only way they can communicate is through the web.

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