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Importance of Note Making and Note Taking

The importance of note making and note taking is very essential for students and for their studies. In education, making notes in the classroom will not only increase the writing speed but also make the doubts clear and gives huge benefits to students.

If you make notes in class, then you will definitely get benefits in academic examinations. Not only this but this habit will also help to pass any competitive exam in the future. Actually, when making notes, our whole focus is to note down the important things.

Note Making And Note Taking

When the subject is revisited again, the dots become clear. Apart from this, the biggest advantage of making notes in class is that when the teacher presents a good example to explain a topic, then the difficult topic can be easily understood by noting such examples. So make a habit of making notes in class.

Information on notes is not available anywhere else. Any kind of information can be collected easily, but still, some problems such as language arise in the study of some information. In such a situation, if you have a habit of taking notes in class, then it will help you to understand the content again.

Notes will remind you of the classroom

When you revise the notes made in the classroom again, you also remember the atmosphere of the classroom. In such a situation, if you have forgotten to note something important, then those things can be recalled easily, and as well as remembering the good things related to the classroom, the mood is also fresh.

Notes required for exam preparation

Classroom notes mean important points the teacher says. When using many examples during teaching, the answer will be effective. The advantage of this is that you will get good marks on the exam.

Notes will be cleared of doubts

If you find any topic difficult, then you can easily overcome your downtime by making a habit of taking notes in class. Many times it happens that when you take notes, your doubts also get cleared automatically. If there are any dots still, then you should clear them with the help of a teacher at the same time so that there is no problem in understanding further.

This will make you a habit of writing

If you make notes in class, it will also speed up your writing speed, it will be an advantage that during the exam you will be able to write faster on the answer sheet. The speed of writing of students is very slow. Due to this, despite having sufficient time, they are not able to write the answers to all questions.

Writing, in short, is a better way to take notes in the classroom. Apart from this, only simple words should be used in the notes.

Attention increases with notes

When you start taking notes in class, you listen carefully to each word of what the teacher is saying. That is, if you want to make good notes, then take all your attention in class, as well listen to everything from the teacher carefully and note the important things in your notebook. This will help you understand whatever subject is being taught.

Notes are the means of information

In the brain, we cannot store all kinds of information together. So making notes is a very good alternative to information. For example, when we listen to someone's words, only a few things are remembered from them, while when we study it again by noting all the important things from the notes, then everything is remembered again.

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