Here we are at the gym, taking a class, exercising on our own or with a trainer. We do this for many reasons. We think we should, we want to lose weight, get in shape, the doctor says it is important, it makes us feel stronger, healthier, more in control. Whatever the motivation, the point is we are here!

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Have you ever considered, that our actions have an impact on those around us? That's right. Take a moment to think about all of the people you come into contact with. A friend sees you at lunch or out to dinner, they comment on how great you look.

You talk about what you do to help yourself stay fit, they want the same things, perhaps you have motivated them to take action. How about your spouse, your children or grandchildren?

I teach through example. If the young people in your life see you taking such care to be the best you possible, you have motivated them! Hopefully, they will take a page from your book to do the same. This is all well and good, but let’s take this idea a step further.

What about you? Do you need to lower your blood pressure, increase your cardiovascular stamina, increase your bone density? Stay around this wonderful world longer, and better, with fewer limitations?

If you could do that, whom would it also impact and what lessons would you be teaching them? You have the power!

I urge everyone to seek out things that focus on increasing your own wellness, if it is something new, try it! Incorporate positive change, be open-minded, make your world of possibilities BIGGER!

The last issue, I wrote about the benefits of foam rolling and why it is important to incorporate the use of this tool into your exercise routine. This is one of those opportunities to expand your knowledge on how to best benefit yourself.
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