Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing

Every job definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, you may only be familiar with its appearance and schematics while entering it, but after diving into the freelancing field and tasting new experiences, you will definitely face its disadvantages that will make you disappointed. But if you do your work efficiently and in the correct possible way, nothing will stop you to skyrocket your freelance career.

In the following, we will introduce you to a series of important and experimental advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons) of freelancing, which are recommended to read before choosing a freelance job and then take action.

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Advantages of freelancing

At first, to learn more about the freelance job, it is better to familiarize yourself with the advantages (pros) of this job, the most important of which are;

1- Working hours freelancer

Freelancing is a job that is in your hands all the time because you are your own boss and no one is physically present to supervise your work. Therefore, you can work at any time of the day or even midnight and take on different projects. This is while you set a time with your client and you have to work in such a way to deliver the project on time.

2- Location of work

You can work anywhere you like and there is no definite place for you to perform freelance work. For example, when you wake up in the morning you can start your work and then after some time leaves the house with your laptop or tablet or mobile phone and walk down the street and enter your favorite cafe around noon and while drinking coffee you can complete freelance projects.

3- Independent contractor freelancer

Although the client is always decisive, you can also be decisive and set a series of rules and regulations with each client who hands over their project to you. At first, without any freelancing experience, you may not understand the meaning of this sentence well, but after doing one or more freelance projects, you will understand the meaning of this sentence well.

4- You determine the price

Freelancing gives you the ability to focus on your own work. If your skill price is lower than the companies operating in the specified field, it can naturally be a winning card for you, but if your skill price is more than the companies, a title called "probability" will appear in the middle, and your client may accept the company that operates in this field.

5- Insignificant start-up cost

To start freelancing, you don't need to establish a company with tons of systems and dozens of people! You can do your daily projects with only one system inside the house.

6- Request help

Naturally, when you enter the freelancing field, your friends and acquaintances can find out about your field of activity through various channels. Therefore, they may directly or indirectly give you freelance work. You can also get help from them in line with your goals. Therefore, it is much better to use the talent of others to complete the received project as quickly as possible.

7- You have the right to choose a client

In freelancing, you have the right to choose a good client according to the client's behavior and character. You can choose the right project among the various projects that are offered to you, and deliver it to the project owner at the appointed time.

8- Creating a fun and happy life

Since you work remotely and on a project basis without specific working hours, you can spend more time with your family members and do your freelance work at specific hours of the day. In very good conditions of freelancing, you will feel better and happier.

Disadvantages of freelancing

Along with dozens of advantages, freelancing is not suitable for the general public. Sometimes disadvantages (cons) of freelancing can isolate your feelings. In the following, you will get to know some problems a freelancer faces in their freelancing career; 

1- More serious follow-up by the client

In the freelancing world, when a client offered a project to you, he will agree with you on the price at first and then he will ask you to announce the delivery time of the project. In general, the process of freelancing is a little more serious than corporate and normal work.

2- Lack of sufficient job security

By creating gigs or ads of your skill set, you can find different projects in your field of expertise and start working on them. But sometimes you may not be offered any project for a while and you will face problems in the end. The best recommendation to solve this problem is to create better creativity, improve communication skills, and reduce the price of your services to increase your customers.

3- Long-term success

Freelancing is like a business, in which success does not happen overnight, and in order to become a successful freelancer, you must spend a lot of time and deliver high-quality work so that the number of your clients increases over time. But if you work from the beginning with an astronomical price and without a good resume, naturally you will not attract many buyers.

4- Heavy challenge

Several freelance projects may be offered to you in different time frames during a month, and all these projects will be delivered in the same month! It is really a heavy challenge and not so easy that you have to deliver all the projects on time. Therefore, at the time of project delivery, think about your thoughts and deliver the project if you are confident enough.

5- Many responsibilities of a freelancer

Along with doing the freelance project and updating yourself in the field of your expertise, you have to take on a lot of responsibilities. Among the most important responsibilities, we can mention things like accounting, marketing, family, etc. If you are alone in this field, all these responsibilities will be on you and you must have expertise in several fields.

7- The possibility of fraud

There is no worry! If you intend to become a freelancer, you should consider a series of rules and regulations in this field. Regarding the cost of the project, since it is mostly done over the phone, both parties (you and your client) must trust each other and then meet each other in person (if you're not using a freelancing website) at the time of the project delivery and receive the rest of the stipulated fee.

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