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Best Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2023

What is seo and how beginner guide will help with website search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing the whole website to get a higher level of position on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. It is also the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic and increasing the visibility of a website or blog.

At present, most SEO experts target the Google search engine because billions of search queries are searched daily on Google. However, Google may update or alter these algorithms at any time when it detects spam activity. Moreover, today visitors spend 90% of web searches on the Google search engine. For this, everyone always wants to optimize their content according to Google's search engine algorithm.

Many times we have heard this question, how to SEO a site and achieve the desired result? Is it possible to answer this question without considering the SEO concepts of the website and come to a conclusion? So, in the first step, we will go straight to the concepts of SEO and tell what it is.

What is SEO and how to SEO a website?

SEO simply stands for search engine optimization. This method includes increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on the website through organic search results. To understand the true meaning of SEO, we need to analyze this definition of SEO a little.

SEO means producing quality content that best meets the needs of users who search. This content can be successful on different search platforms. Our goal is not only to get a top position in Google SERP but to answer the needs of the audience who are looking for answers to different queries.

Benefits of SEO

SEO has huge benefits and advantages for online business, digital marketing, content writing, and even eCommerce.

Quality of traffic

Suppose you have a website that sells household appliances, but users visit your website to buy a mobile phone. Surely, this amount of visits to the site cannot be called high-quality traffic. Now, in your opinion, how do we attract people to visit the site to buy our product?

High traffic

Whenever a user search on Google, see paid ads (AdWords) at the top of the page and free results at the middle of the page. Your website or blog can stand at the top of free results with the help of SEO. When users reach your site by clicking on search engine page results, your site traffic increases.

Organic results

Advertising is a significant part of search engine results. Organic traffic is traffic that you don't have to pay for. Organic traffic is more valuable than paid traffic to your site.

Website SEO is considered the best idea to generate more sales because it has many advantages, but in general what SEO is? It is equal to knowledge, experience, applied keywords, struggle, and victory.

SEO consists of three important parts

1. Crawling

Can Google crawl and understand your website codes? It's time for you to rank better on Google to allow crawling and indexing of your blog or website. Yahoo is one of the first pioneers in the development of site SEO, which indexed the pages of various sites in the early nineties around 1994. Entering the 21st century, the speed of growth of the Internet and virtual space took another form. So strange things happened in the digital market day by day. Search engines with different names come in every day, and most of them fail but Google succeeds. Google is considered the most popular search engine and it is very influential in the growth of website SEO.

Before Google can consider your content, it first needs to know that you exist. Google uses several methods to discover new content on the web, but the first method is crawling. Simply put, Google goes for links that no one has seen. To do this, it uses a computer program called a spider.

For example, if your home page gets a backlink from Google, it means that your page is indexed in Google. The next time Google visits your site, it will follow that link to find your home page and possibly add it to its index. Google's crawler finds other pages on the site that are linked to the main page. Google has more than 200 factors for ranking.

Some factors can also stop the crawling of this bot like as;

Weak internal links: Google relies on internal links to crawl all the pages of your site. Pages without internal links are usually not crawled.

Nofollow links: Nofollow links are not crawled by Google.

New Index Pages: You can remove pages that have used the New Index meta tag and HTTP title from the pages that Google has chosen for indexing. If other pages on your site have internal links from new index pages, Google may not be able to find these pages.

Robots.txt: It is a text file that allows Google to visit your site. Now, if you block these pages, Google will no longer be able to continue crawling.

2. Keywords

When you are searching, you are actually using keywords. Do you have those words on your page? You can use tools like Ubersuggest to find out what keywords are getting higher searches and then include them in your text.

When it comes to SEO of the site and content, the first issue that appears in any type of content and SEO is the use of correct and appropriate keywords. Keywords are one of those parts of SEO that have always been a part of SEO. In fact, with the growth of SEO in recent years, not only has the importance of keywords not decreased, but this importance has also increased. Of course, it should be said that the use of keywords these days is no longer the same as in previous years.

In the first and earliest years of using SEO for the site and content, the presence of keywords was the only part that mattered. This issue has grown over the years, and these days, in addition to the presence of keywords, how they are used, the different types of keywords used, the size and length of keywords, and other things have also become important in choosing keywords. In fact, keywords and how to use them, find wider dimensions and grow and develop every day.

As mentioned, keywords are used in different ways. Keywords are seen in different formats, each of which has a specific impact on SEO. In such a way that these days the use of keywords in the form of fully meaningful sentences, can cause the site's SEO to grow well. The three common and main models of anchor text or the same keyword that you will see a lot of use to improve SEO are:

Exact Match: The main keyword or exact match is the word that is the main goal of SEO and SEO content is supposed to be done using it.

Broad Match: Another type of keyword or text anchor is the broad match. Words that are the same as the main keywords with suffixes or prefixes.

Phrase Match: The third category of keywords can be called phrase match. Keywords that are actually phrases. It can be considered the use of the main keyword in the text and sentence, which causes different phrases to be created with the main keyword.

In addition to the previous classification mentioned for the keyword, it can also be classified based on the size and length of the word. In fact, due to the size of the keyword, they are divided into three different categories;

Short tail keywords are single-word keywords. These keywords are the most difficult type of SEO because the competition on these words is high and thus doing SEO on these words can be more difficult than on other words.

The average keyword or mid-tail is usually made of 2 or 3 words. Using these words for SEO is easier than short keywords and you can work on them more. In addition to greater simplicity, users use these words more often in their search. Therefore, they can be considered more useful keywords that will be used more and will have better results for SEO.

Long tail keywords are between 3 and 5 words. These keywords are more difficult to use in the text and it may be a little difficult to use them in the text in an understandable way. But you need to know that if you use these words, you will have unique content that others cannot imitate. Therefore, they will reach the right SEO faster and will have a better result for you.

3. Backlinks

How many other websites are linking to you? It is very similar to the voting system, the more links you get, the higher your rank. You are looking for relevant websites to link to you naturally. The more great content you produce, the better services and products you will have. You will definitely get more natural links.

Google's ranking algorithm is based on something called PageRank. In simple words, a backlink can be interpreted as a vote. In general, pages with more votes tend to rank higher. If you want to rank anything, consider backlinks. There are many techniques for link building. The only challenge with links is certain types of content.

Some other definitions of SEO

Top-rated digital marketing experts define SEO as;

  • SEO and site optimization is an equal combination of art and knowledge.
  • SEO, reverse engineering of Google algorithms, and user behavior.
  • Website SEO means cooking for yourself from Google's raw data.
  • SEO is like climbing a ladder.
  • Website SEO is a combination of continuous learning and data analysis.
  • Google SEO is a cycle of analysis, planning, and execution.
  • SEO and search engine optimization are the science of observation and analysis.
  • SEO of the site is a boxing match judged by the search engine.
  • Analysis, discipline, continuity, and learning to win a big but enjoyable competition.
  • SEO in Google means creating valuable content for the audience.
  • SEO and optimization is a lifestyle and human-robot interactions.
  • SEO is a speed rally that has no finish line.

In simple words, SEO is a systematic trick to get good results from search engines. Because of optimizing the search engine properly, there will be a large number of visitors to your blog or website from search queries. Because with search engine optimization, search engines get a clear idea of your blog. So search engine optimization is very important for every blog or website.

According to the search engine search quote, the index of the blog's good data gradually ranks in search results. In short, as well as search engines optimize your website or blog content, you will get a better ranking of your blog or website in the search results. You also need to avoid the most common SEO mistakes to rank higher on Google.

Mobile friendly

63% of searches are done via mobile, and this number is increasing every year. According to these statistics, Google announced in 2016 that one of the most effective factors in site ranking is the compatibility of the website with mobile phones. Also, in 2018, it added the first indexing to the mobile pages. Now, these pages are effective both in the index and in the ranking of Google.

8 out of 10 users, whose content is not displayed well on their mobile phones, do not interact with the content and close the site. In fact, most people hit the back button when loading the desktop version on mobile or page loading takes more time.

So it can be said that this parameter is important for Google because Google intends to keep its users satisfied, even if it ranks and people click on it, most users won't read your content.

By doing the mobile-friendly test, you can check whether your site is compatible with mobile or not.

Site speed

This tool will show you the page loading speed, which is one of the important ranking factors. You should always keep in mind that Google's goal is user satisfaction, and long page loading times may cause user dissatisfaction.

Measure your site speed with the Pagespeed insights tool.

As more time passes since the start of SEO and more growth in the marketing world, it becomes harder and harder to be seen on Google. With each new update of the SEO of the Google site, it becomes more difficult to reach the top of this search engine. From 2018 onwards, new Google updates took a new form. Before that, keywords were very important, and putting them together could lead to the growth of text and content for the site. But from then on, in addition to using keywords in the content, having the full meaning and concept and the content being up-to-date also has a significant impact on the SEO growth of a site.

Updating outdated content can be one of the solutions that you can use to achieve better rankings in the Google search engine. In addition to that, the non-repetition of the content and its uniqueness also received a lot of attention from 2020 onwards. Using even one sentence that is repeated and copied from other content can make your content less visible in the Google search engine. In addition to all these things, paying attention to other new Google updates such as understandable and simple words, short sentences and related phrases can also have an impact on SEO in 2023.

Google algorithms

SEO has changed a lot these days. Google's search engine is changing and providing newer updates every day. This issue has also affected SEO and can change the principles of SEO. In the following, we will tell you the Google algorithms in the order of the year.

Google panda algorithm 2011

In 2011 Google presented the first main algorithm in the new world of SEO under the name Panda algorithm.

This algorithm contacted sites that were trying to get points from the Google search engine. It is checking the content of the site in terms of quality so that poor-quality content is not available to the audience.

Google Venice Algorithm 2012

This algorithm is one of the most important and complex updates of Google because it could determine the result of a person's search according to the area where he lived.

Google Penguin algorithm 2012

This update has been one of the important developments in Google algorithms. This algorithm pays special attention to the backlinks that are supposed to be given to the sites and checks that these backlinks are related to the topic of the site. Google will penalize sites if irrelevant or fake backlinks are purchased.

Pirate algorithm of 2012

This update is trying to fight against illegally copied content. As a result, the sites had to respect the copyright to earn points.

2013 hummingbird algorithm

This update focused on voice search. By saying the desired phrase, the search engine will search for the necessary phrase for you. This prevents irrelevant results from being obtained.

Pigeon algorithm of 2014

The main focus of this update is on the internal SEO of the site. This algorithm was trying to show high-quality results according to the user's location.

2014 HTTPS algorithm

In 2014 Google focused more on user security. Any site that uses HTTPS better gets more points.

2015 mobile update algorithm

This update is designed to give more points to sites that make searching easier for mobile. This update was created for the increasing importance of mobile phones in people's lives.

Rank Brain Algorithm 2015

This update is the same algorithm that guesses unknown words and shows you similar results. With this update, it was necessary to provide higher-quality content.

The possum algorithm of 2016

This algorithm is more advanced than the previous location version. This update focuses on a person's physical location and searches. Some businesses that were not performing well were upgraded with this update.

2018 mobile speed update algorithm

This update was introduced when the focus was on increasing page speed. That is, the sites that were faster in mobile search would get more points.

Medic algorithm of 2018

This update is most effective on medical sites and prevented the presentation of incorrect and incomplete medical results.

2019 BERT algorithm

This algorithm is a huge development in translation and concept. This update can guess the meaning of words by checking the word without translating the original word.

The Evolution of SEO

Search engine algorithms change frequently and SEO tactics evolve in response to these changes.

In general, two general steps (on-page and off-page SEO) can be considered for the SEO of a site. The stages, each of which has different dimensions and parts, require learning professional techniques. Of course, in addition to these two steps, which are known as SEO on-page and SEO off-page, another and separate part of SEO has also emerged these days. Technical SEO, which is known as a part of SEO on a page, has been used in the market these days. In the following, we will express some points about each of these three parts of SEO.

On-page SEO

Creating content and publishing it to the website is another step that has a significant impact on the ranking of the site in search engines. On-page SEO is actually site optimization for search engines inside the main site. This type of SEO is also called internal SEO.

For this reason, technical SEO is considered a part of internal SEO, which is separated from it for simplicity. In addition to technical SEO and technical aspects of the site, other parts need to be optimized:

  • Choosing the right keyword
  • Competitor analysis
  • Produce quality content
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Internal linking

Off-Page SEO

External SEO or off-page SEO refers to all activities that are implemented outside the site. With a suitable and powerful external SEO, you can gain more popularity among different sites and improve your Google rankings. This part of SEO, which is done using different solutions, is an action that is done after internal SEO. In this way, external SEO can greatly help your site's visibility and gain more growth. Of course, this SEO, which is also known as targeted link building, has different methods, some of the main ones are:

  • Create backlinks
  • Running paid ads
  • Social signal

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an important part of website SEO. Technical SEO, refers to website optimization from a technical point of view and has many parts; Like technical website issues, checking search engine updates, website bots and programming codes implemented on the site are part of technical SEO. These different sections are used to simplify the site to make it understandable for search engines. Along with this goal, having a good user experience (UX) can be very helpful. Some of the main parts of technical SEO are:

  • Standard codes
  • Principles of website design
  • Site loading speed
  • Responsiveness of the site

What are the types of SEO techniques?

When you hear the word black next to white, you will probably remember the good and bad people of a story! The terms black SEO and white SEO are not excluded from this rule and can be considered completely related to this issue. In fact, SEO can be divided into three parts from another format, the two main parts of which are black hat SEO and white hat SEO. After the formation and launch of these two after SEO, another part called gray hat SEO was also added to them. The part that can be considered an interface between black and white SEO. In the following, we will mention more points of these three parts of SEO and talk about them.

1. Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is one of the methods that improve the site's ranking in a short period by using unprincipled and illegal techniques and methods. It can be said that to achieve higher rankings in the site's SEO, the rules of Google and other search engines are violated by using black hat SEO, and the search engine is somehow deceived.

By using this method, the desired results in reaching the desired SEO rank are obtained very quickly. But it should be said that this method is not stable and may quickly cause your site to crash. Whenever Google notices fraud using black hat SEO, it will penalize the site and cause many problems and troubles for the site.

2. White hat SEO

White hat SEO unlike black hat SEO is one of the methods that will improve the site's ranking in search results by using authorized techniques and by Google standards. Getting results in white hat SEO may take time, but it is sustainable. In fact, you will have a long-term investment by using white hat SEO and its solutions and techniques.

An investment that will make your site's SEO grow for a long time, be seen in the Google search engine, and eventually remain at the top of Google's search rankings. Therefore, although it may take more time to achieve results than black hat SEO, using it is a guaranteed solution that will bring a site to the desired result and will lead to good growth for it.

3. Gray hat SEO

Gray hat SEO is a combination of two methods of black hat SEO and white hat SEO. Gray SEO techniques are in line with black hat SEO. with the difference that it is not recognizable to search engines. These techniques will have a good effect on the site's rank and without penalizing the site by Google and other search engines, its rank will increase. The goal of using the gray SEO method is to achieve high search engine results in a short period. If the principles of gray SEO are followed correctly, the site can achieve high rankings in the search results in a short time and by saving money.

To implement each of these factors and get the heart of Google, you can use various tricks and techniques and analyze it using many tools, but the most important factor that will make you successful in this field is having a suitable strategy, which in addition to winning the heart of Google, win the heart of your audience. When you determine your strategy, you can proceed step by step according to it, and by using a series of tools, you can analyze your site and see the result.

Complete steps to SEO a website content

One of the main aspects of a site's SEO is content SEO. Content SEO is the next part of site SEO, which is considered a part of internal SEO. An important part that can cause the site to grow a lot and be able to achieve favorable points in search engines. To achieve content SEO, it is necessary to follow the steps accurately and completely. In the following, we will mention the 22 main stages of content SEO and after that, we will give more tips about each of these stages.

Use a table of contents to organize content

In the first step to creating proper content SEO, your content must have a complete and accurate list. A list that includes all your content and describes the content in a concise and detailed way for the audience. In this way, the audience will know whether they will find the topic they are looking for in your content or not. He will access it quickly and easily and get his desired result. Therefore, the use of this solution in content SEO is known as an important part of it.

Choosing a keyword that fits the content

The next thing that can be known as an important and practical part of content SEO is choosing the right keywords. Choosing keywords is a very complex and long topic that we will discuss in detail above. But in general, you should know that choosing the right keywords with the content and text can make the content visible in Google and lead to good SEO.

Focus on the quality of content instead of the quantity

Another important point to keep in mind to achieve SEO content is the quality of the text. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity by lengthening the text. It is better to have a short and quality text than a long text full of extra and unrelated words. Therefore, to have SEO content, pay attention to the quality of your text against its quantity. Avoid making the text too long and keep it long enough. Try to express the desired content in the shortest possible way and bring the desired result in the fewest possible words and with the highest quality.

Identification of the persona and the desired content

The fourth solution that can help you achieve content SEO is identifying your target audience and persona. When you want to provide SEO text to your site, you need to know who you are writing for. Knowing your target audience can help you write in their language and shape the text in a way that suits them. In this way, you will produce the right text for your audience that can attract them to your site.

Analysis of competitors and their activity status

If you want to grow and improve your work and surpass your competitors, pay attention to these competitors. Constant monitoring and analysis of domestic competitors and taking examples from foreign competitors can be an original solution. In this way, you will no longer use repetitive solutions and you will look for new ideas. This topic itself is the reason that makes you a unique brand and separates your site from other existing sites.

Identifying gaps in previous content and improving it

If you want to improve your past in addition to your growth, it is better to change your previous content as well. After you have developed your site's SEO to some extent, it is better to go to your previous content. However, there are contents on the site that are not as good as today's content. To improve these contents, you need to take the necessary actions. This solution can cause your previous content to be seen and the SEO of your site to get a better rank than other competitors.

Optimize title tags

Another way to achieve the desired result and SEO for content is to use title tag optimization. The titles of a text are the main part of it that stands out. In fact, in the beginning, for a text to be attractive and stand out, the title has great importance. Therefore, it is necessary to do this by optimizing the title tags. This solution can lead to desired results.

Create meta titles related to the generated content

Meta titles are another thing that can have an impact on content SEO. Meta titles are the ones that are shown in blue during the search. Having an attractive meta title for SEO content will make these posts more visible. Seeing an attractive meta title, the audience is more likely to click on it and seek to read the content. In this way, an attractive meta title can increase audience visits to the site and help improve the growth of the site's position in search engines such as Google.

Using headings and numbered lists

One of the other tips that can help the SEO of content is the use of headings and numbered lists. By numbering for different titles and using numbers, order prevails over the content. The content reader can read any part of the content he needs and have simple and convenient access to different aspects of the content. This issue can eventually lead to more audience presence on the site and improve the SEO of content in Google search engines.

Choosing attractive and engaging headlines

When you first read a text, the only thing you see is the title. Having an attractive title for the content can cause it to be seen more than other similar content. Questionable and strange titles are one of the most used and popular types of titles that can be attractive to the audience. Besides these titles, other titles that use numbers or new titles with different words can attract the attention of the audience.

Using visual content alongside written content

In addition to all the points mentioned so far, it is better to present your textual content with images. Providing site content with related images can make your content more understandable. In many cases where the content may be a bit complicated and difficult, the content can be simplified by using images and image algorithms. In this way, the use of images along with the content becomes a solution that makes the written content attractive and attracts the attention of the audience.

Use short sentences and paragraphs

Another important point while writing textual content is to use short sentences and paragraphs. By using short sentences, the audience can follow the reading of the text more easily and can quickly reach the desired result from the presented text. In addition, by using short paragraphs, the text moves faster and the content gets to the end faster. The audience does not get bored and can follow the text until the end.

Use simple and understandable vocabulary

Using simple and understandable words in the form of short sentences is a solution that makes the previous case more complete. In fact, to be able to present short and understandable sentences in your text, it is necessary to use simple words. In this way, the audience easily understands the meaning and concept of the text and follows it.

This is the issue that, if not paid attention to, will easily leave the audience from the site. In fact, the use of heavy words in the text can cause the audience to leave it easily and not follow the text. Therefore, while writing a text, it is necessary to simplify as much as possible and use words in the most comprehensible way possible.

Internal SEO optimization

Optimizing internal SEO is one of the other ways to achieve proper content SEO, which we discussed in detail before.

External SEO optimization

Optimizing external SEO or targeted linking is another way to achieve good content SEO. There are specific solutions for this issue, which we discussed in detail and completely before.

Implementation of user-friendly URLs

The graphic layout of a site and having a suitable user interface are other factors that have a direct impact on SEO content. By using the right solutions, user-friendly URLs can be implemented for the site. URLs that can keep the audience on the site for a long time and eventually cause the site's SEO to grow among other competitors. Of course, you must remember that you need experts in this field to achieve results in this field.

Internal and external linking

By using internal and external linking, the content of one page of the site is connected to other sections and pages of the site or other sites. In this way and using this solution, Google identifies this site as a highly visited site and considers its SEO to be developed over time. This issue can cause your content to be seen as the first result during the search in the Google search engine and attract the attention of the audience.

Use the Alt property for images

As we said before, one of the best ways to achieve content SEO is to use images. Of course, you should remember that for an image to have more audience and be seen more, using the alt property can help it. In many cases, the images may not open completely. By using this feature, the content of the image can be expressed in one sentence. In fact, in this way, the image becomes readable and will be understandable for search algorithms.

Increase site speed while using it

If you want to keep the audience on your site, be sensitive to the speed of the site! When your site is slow, the audience gets bored. In this situation, probably the audience will not go to the other contents of your site, they may even not want the opened content and reduce their use of your site to zero. Therefore, one of the main tips to achieve better SEO is to have a proper loading speed for the site pages.

Adapting the website to mobile (mobile-friendly)

As mentioned before, making the site compatible with mobile can also be a suitable solution to make the site more visible. According to the stated statistics, a large number of audiences are searching using their phones. Therefore, if the site is compatible with mobile and has a good display in its format, it can be attractive to more audiences. This issue can also affect the SEO of a site and lead to a favorable result.

Compression of images used on the site

One of the solutions that can help increase the speed of the site and bring a good result for more visibility of the site is image compression. By reducing the size and compressing the images, you can increase the speed of the site and display the images to the audience in less time. This will increase the attractiveness of the text and make your content more attractive to your audience.

Fix the broken links on the site

Broken links are one of the bugs of any content. When you are looking to improve your site's SEO, paying attention to this point can make your site's SEO improve more among its competitors. In this way, broken links will be removed and healthy links will be replaced.

Paying attention to more tips about detailed SEO techniques

The points that we have mentioned so far are all very important points about which many details can be said. In addition to all these points, other things are less seen and have less impact. Things like unique links, linking in the menu, external linking with reliable sites, and some other things were expressed in the form of a subset of the mentioned contents.

Search console and the benefits of using it for site SEO

One of the main and free tools considered by Google to check and evaluate the SEO of the site in the Search Console. A tool that is known as a basic tool for a professional SEO can have a significant impact on achieving the desired result for SEO. Of course, the use of this tool, like all other tools, has its own principles, which we will discuss below:

Checking the ranked keywords on the site

One of the main advantages and reasons for using Google Search Console is the ability to check ranked keywords. In fact, by using this tool, you can identify the keywords that have been able to rank on the site and cause the site's SEO to grow and develop. In this way, the audience's taste and persona are determined and by using it, more suitable keywords can be considered for the next content.

Examining how users interact with the site on the search results page

One of the other points that can be achieved by using Search Console is to check how users interact with the site on Google results pages. Clicking or not on the site, the number of clicks of the audience, and things like that can be detected using the search console. Of course, in addition, the Search Console can recognize the page rank of the site in the results.

The number of pages indexed by Google and registration of new pages

Using reporting in Search Console can determine the number of pages indexed by Google on a site. This reporting can detect the problems in the site and take action for new pages. In this way, after you get a report of your indexed pages and find out which pages are not indexed, you can test your desired page using the URL inspection tool.

Using the sitemap to crawl the new pages of the site

Among other advantages and tips used in the search console is the site map. In fact, using this tool, you can prepare a map for your site. A map that will help you so that Google can easily crawl your site and make appropriate updates for your site.

Of course, in addition to all the mentioned points, other points using Search Console can make come true. Detecting navigation errors and unindexed pages, checking site compatibility with mobile, checking site backlinks, checking site manual actions and security issues by Google, creating internal links, and choosing ideal keywords are some of these things.

Practical tricks to improve site SEO

To be successful in achieving better results for SEO, it is necessary to be familiar with the tricks of this topic. SEO, like anything else, has its own special tricks and techniques. Tricks that you will learn and become familiar with over time. In this section, we are going to tell you some of these tricks and give some tips about them.

Don't seek to circumvent: To be successful in SEO, don't seek to circumvent Google's rules! With the growth and development of SEO in the marketing world, bypassing the rules has become meaningless. These days, circumventing the rules can be seen as a goal in itself, which can lead to penalties from Google.

Take your time and be patient: It takes time to achieve the right SEO for your site. By using black hat SEO, you can reach the right SEO for a short period and its results more quickly, but you must remember that fast speed takes away the usual result from you.

The cost of achieving your desired result is continued in the following points. To achieve your desired results in any field, it is necessary to pay for it. The cost of achieving proper SEO for the site and using its results is also mentioned in the following points. In fact, by using the solutions that have been mentioned so far, you can achieve the desired result for yourself. A result that will help you create a highly visited site for yourself.

SEO terms and the concept of each in different dimensions

In the world of SEO, there are various terms and definitions that people who have just entered this field may not be familiar with. These terms, many of which you have met so far, are new and different words. You will read some of these different terms below:

SERP: A strange word that you may not have heard before, but you must have come across it many times. This term, also known as the search engine results page, is the same page that you will see when you search for a topic. You can continue these pages in the format of ten or twenty pages and watch the next results.

Ranking: As it is clear from this sentence, ranking means the same as ranking. The ranking of sites is done by Google and other search engines, and each site is placed somewhere according to the observance of the key points of SEO.

Google page rank: This number is the rank that each site gets during the search. In fact, when you search for content, the first site that comes up in Google will rank first in that topic.

Organic search: Organic search is when the audience finds your site by searching on search engines without clicking on ads.

Organic traffic: Organic traffic can be considered as the number of visitors who enter the site through organic search.

Organic result: Natural results are the same results that are displayed for you on the first page only with search and nothing else. To recognize this issue, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of the ad sign next to a page. The pages that have this sign next to them are the pages that are advertised and unnatural in the first search.

Paid results: In addition to natural results, there are also paid results. Another section of SERP that is displayed by paying money is known as paid results.

Redirect: Redirect can be seen as transferring the content of one page from the site to another page. This transfer has been notified to Google and can even be used on external sites.

The effect of user behavior on-site SEO

When you create a better SEO for your site, over time the behavior of users will also be different from your site. In fact, by using a strong SEO, the behavior of users will also change on your site. This behavior change is a double-edged sword. A sword that, if used correctly, can help you achieve your desired result faster.

When you have a site with more optimized SEO, more users will refer to your site. In the meantime, having a higher speed and a more beautiful site can make a user stay on the site. In this way, the SEO of the site is automatically increased and leads to growth and development for the site. In fact, a cycle is formed that each step forward causes users to come forward and cause more growth and development of the site's SEO.

Of course, you should know that this issue is also true in the opposite way. When a site does not have proper SEO, it cannot attract the attention of the audience. This issue causes the audience to be less present on a site over time and the SEO of the site will decrease.

SEO checklist

The SEO checklist will be one of the most important parts of SEO. You can improve your site in the Google search engine by fully following the points in the SEO checklist. Every year, a new version of the SEO checklist is presented, which is the latest changes made by Google.

The way to use the checklist related to SEO is to write all the clauses of this checklist on a piece of paper and when working on the article, check it one by one after making the desired changes. By doing this, you can follow all the necessary SEO tips and get a better result.

Checklists are divided into several categories from the time the site is launched, and we will examine the types of these checklists in the following.

Technical SEO checklist

All the technical points of the site are mentioned in this checklist. The points that we must follow in the structure of the site to be promoted in the Google search engine. Compliance with this checklist can be effective on the site's internal SEO. The items in this checklist include the following:

  1. Optimizing and improving the overall structure of the site
  2. Using Breadcrumbs
  3. Using Structured Data
  4. Optimization and improvement of the text
  5. Create a sitemap
  6. Optimizing and improving the 404 page
  7. Increasing site response speed

Internal SEO checklist

Another checklist that you should know as a site manager or SEO expert is the checklist related to the SEO of the site's internal content. The items in this checklist that you should pay attention to include the following.

  1. Page title
  2. Description meta tag
  3. URL of the page
  4. Phrases and keywords
  5. Pictures
  6. Heading tags
  7. The main body of content
  8. Internal linking
  9. User interface or UI design
  10. User experience or UX
  11. Content loading speed

External SEO checklist

You must be careful in following the points and items related to this checklist, because if you make a mistake, you may be penalized. In the following, we have brought you the items that you must follow in this checklist.

Social networks: Activity in social networks that are full of an audience is very important and helps external SEO and audience attraction.

Forums: Forums are sites where you can register and get links and increase your audience.

Sharing photos: To get backlinks, you can share your photos on sharing sites for more visibility.

Sharing videos: Making interesting videos and sharing them on video-sharing sites will make your site more visible.

Question and answer site: You can get backlinks on the question and answer sites. Be careful to ask relevant questions or answer them correctly.

Bookmark sites: These sites are popular like social networks and make your site more visible.

PDF sharing: You can make a pdf of your site's content and distribute it on sites and put your backlinks in it.

Blog and PBN network: You can use these sites for link building.

Since there is a lot of importance in this checklist, we will briefly explain each one.

Conclusion: we generally explained in this guide what SEO is and why you need SEO. We also mentioned SEO tools and steps briefly.

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